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Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting

I have only recently become vegan after being raised in a household where my father's best friend was a butcher. When my boyfriend and I got together, I was introduced to vegetarianism and veganism as he has been vegan for five years.
In changing my diet, I found that the things I missed the most were baked goods, mainly cakes, cookies, brownies and pies. I stumbled across this recipe on the internet a while back, and tried it only to discover that not only did these cupcakes and frosting satisfy my sweet tooth, but I felt better about baking without the use of dairy. My boyfriend also loves it when I bake vegan treats, and the frosting and cupcakes are supposedly the best he's ever had. He's a chef, I take his word for it. I have become a huge fan of Isa as well, having tried out many of her other recipes with only continued success.
My opinion on this frosting is that it is truly amazing, and everyone that has tried it LOVES it. This includes my father (who still doesn't realize it is vegan), my mother (who complained when she didn't see me adding real milk to it, but kept sneaking back into the kitchen to stick her fingers in the bowl for another taste), girls I go to school with, my friends and my boyfriend. The proof in how good it is lies in the fact that every time I use this recipe, I never have to throw anything away. Thank you for an amazing and delicious recipe!

Aug 02, 2007
veganpunkcake in Recipes