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Minneapolis ETHNIC Food Snobs, Your Help Is Needed!

I couldn't agree more about K-Wok. The only thing un-authentic about the pancit bihon served there is the addition of celery and the use of lemon in place of the kalamansi. I have to order it every time I'm there. Its a great dish to expose friends to Filipino food. I also can't resist the lechon kawali, fried tilapia and lumpia.

I've been curious about their Saturday Filipino breakfast menu, but always forget to ask if its more than what is on their regular menu. I would be extremely happy if I found out they serve tuyo or pandesal!! I have ordered the tinsilog from the regular menu and loved it. They also have plenty of atsara and spicy vinegar to balance out all the fried food!!

K Wok
1813 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454