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Thousands of Whole Wheat Crackers!

Somehow, I ended up with 30 (30!) boxes of those Milton's Whole Wheat/Sesame crackers. I am just one person and have given away about as much as I could (still have 30 boxes) and tried donating them (not accepted). So I guess I'm eating crackers f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Beside the usual cheese/ham/hummus/cream cheese/onion/kippers, does anyone have any interesting ways of using or eating them? Thanks so much!

Aug 06, 2007
oenone in Home Cooking

Restaurant Pick Help for Birthday Dinner?

Hey, happy soon-to-be birthday! Are you going to treat yourself as well?

I love, and have checked out, all these suggestions, and the venues are gorgeous! But do you know if there are any rooftop or waterside places? When dining alone, I've found that a city view or water sounds go a long way. Especially with another year under the belt :/

Restaurant Pick Help for Birthday Dinner?

Thanks for all your comments! In terms of food preferences, I don't have one, though I tend to stray away from Old World American and more toward fushion (blasphemy!). I'm always up for trying something new (like the dill and pear braised cow tongue which had me in the hospital with food poisoning). No budget restrictions, either.

Restaurant Pick Help for Birthday Dinner?

Finally registered on my go-to place for restaurants and recipes!

I may be strange for asking this, but I'm wondering if anyone could suggest a place I could go to treat myself to a birthday dinner. I plan on going solo and would probably sneak in a book, though this may be a glaring faux pas in some places. I'm more partial to small bites v. large steaks or plates of pasta -- maybe someplace with a tasting menu would be best? Not a huge fan of sweets, but do absolutely love a bottle of wine with dinner (yes, one bottle or several glasses for me) overlooking the city or the water. I'm also rather awkward with people (prefer to be left alone) and have yet to find a place where people aren't either trying to talk to, or openly staring at, the lone diner in a cocktail dress. Help! Thanks so much :)