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Burrata in Toronto

I appreciate the efforts others have made trying to find burrata but the truth is that what is available here doesn't compare to the real thing.

Burrata is meant to be eaten the day it is made. Each day that passes the quality diminishes. I'm lucky that my wife's family comes from a town a stone's throw from Puglia in Italy and on visits there I have driven to towns where it is made each morning from unpasteurized milk. The outer shell is thin and delicate and tied gently into a pouch, and when you cut it open, silken pieces of cheese emerge in a bath of rich cream.

It is nothing short of decadent.

The burrata in Toronto that comes from Italy is several days old and made from pasteurized milk. There is nothing wrong with it -- but it bears little resemblance to the real thing.

Looking to Buy Good Quality Mustard

Kozlik's has a great selection and it's nice to go and sample because some are winners and some less so.

Has anyone found Gulden's Mustard anywhere in Ontario. It's a brown mustard widely sold in the U.S. but I haven't found it here. Not as sharp as a Dijon but has more spice and depth than generic yellow mustards and makes a great match with milder hot dogs and lunch meats that might get overwhelmed by a Dijon.