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Older recipes

Any one out there still remember the Woodwards restaurant ?
I am looking for their "Date Muffin" or "Blueberry Bran Muffin" recipe.
Thanks all.

Stainless Steel--Help needed.

Bar Keepers Friend has come to the rescue for me. The pot has not returned to original,but it is something akin to what I can live with.It was a" hunt and peck" for me to find the product, but now it is where it belongs in my cache of cleaning supplies. Thanks to all who replied. I am now ready to join the arm-wrestling competition due to excessive scrubbing !!

Nov 08, 2011
studentslibrarian in Cookware

Help with Stainless

I have over-heated a stainless pan to discoloring-is there a remedy for this ?? Said pan did not have any food in it just water that boiled away while I was distracted. Cuisinart classic - does not specify the 18/10 on it. Thanks.

Nov 07, 2011
studentslibrarian in Cookware

Stainless Steel--Help needed.

I have managed to overheat a Stainless Steel pan to the point of discolor. There was no food involved--just water that boiled away while I was distracted by kids needing help outside.
Is there any product out there that can bring back the stainless shine ?? My regular resourcefulness of usual household remedies doesn't seem to be working.
The pan is from the Cuisinart classic collection and does not specify 18/8. Thanks.

Nov 07, 2011
studentslibrarian in Cookware

Two great finds in Vernon

If your looking for Italian in Vernon try the Italian Kitchen or if it's still open Intermezzo.

Italian Kitchen
, Vernon, BC V1T, CA

Christmas in Victoria...?

You have probably heard of our Kokanee Beer--Lesser know is the Nelson Brewing Company offerings:
Faceplant-6.5% darker ale.
Liplock-Wheat/Barley combo that's good with a wedge of lemon.
Paddywhack-India Pale Ale.
After Dark-British Style dark ale.Added bonus here-An Organic Brewery.
If nothing else the names will make you smile.Don't know of the availability across the line(as we say).

Okanagan Spring Brewery out of Vernon BC-My fave is the Pale Ale,others on offer from the dark to light. Cheers mate.

Fraser Valley Favorites

Try out '7" for sushi in Chilliwack-next door to the BCAA on Luckakuck.
Rustica's Ristorante-Main St. Chilliwack.

Blackcurrants in Vancouver or West Kootenays

When in season-late June/early July- try the-Driediger Farms-outside of Langley BC-they are a u-pick place and would probably sell the 20lbs. you are looking for.