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Bethlehem, PA Suggestions Needed

My fiancé & I are going to Bethlehem, PA this weekend related to y work, but will have Saturday night free. We are staying in the historical district in North Bethlehem, I am vegetarian and he is not. Any suggestions on a nice restaurant for dinner? It does not have to be all vegetarian, but farm to table places normally have better veggie-friendly options…or ethnic food.
I’d prefer not to eat in casino… prefer a more quaint ambiance. Thank you for your help!

Jul 05, 2012
jb55555 in Pennsylvania

Upscale Mexican and A Place With Good Veggie Options Needed in Scottsdale

Going for the weekend and would love a recommendation for an upscale-ish Mexican place!

Also for another night would like something with good vegetarian options. Nice, interesting, modern atmosphere and creative menu. Can you help me find either of these in Scottsdale AZ?

Thank you in advance

Sep 29, 2011
jb55555 in Phoenix

Rehearsal Dinner Spot Needed in Albany Area

My sister getting married in early August this summer. Looking to have a rehearsal dinner in Albany area (most guests staying in hotel near Albany Airport) for 30-40 guests. Don’t want super fancy. BYOB would be awesome, if possible. Just decent. Some guests will not have very daring pallets, so can’t be too ethnic or out of the ordinary.
We would like reasonably priced quality food but is also very important to us that we have a comfortable spot. Preferably private area or restaurant and a set up we can hear each other,
Any ideas?

Where are Best Chicken Wings in Delmar/Albany Area!?

Live in Slingerlands and want to pick up best wings we can find within 30 minutes for a dinner party. The closer the better, but willing to make a small trip if its worth it. Any ideas? Thanks!

Staying in Downtown Pittsburgh - Restaurant Suggestions Needed

I am staying in Downtown Pittsburgh for business tonight (and in the future). Would like to find a place for dinner. I am vegetarian and like a modern-ish restaurant. Love tapas style and most ethnic foods, and prefer a good red wine selection. Like it to be nice but not ridiculously upscale. For example - the restaurant I usually visit in P-Burgh is Dinette, which I love, but looking to try something new and closer to hotel in downtown. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Nov 09, 2010
jb55555 in Pennsylvania

Dinner in Detroit - Suggestions Needed

I am staying in Detroit for business tonight (and in the future). Staying by airport but would like to find a place for dinner in a cool hood...maybe downtown. I am vegetarian and like a modern-ish restaurants. Love tapas style and prefer a good red wine selection. Any ideas?

Oct 20, 2010
jb55555 in Great Lakes

What is an exceptional restaurant in greater Albany area?

Delmar, Latham, anything off the Northway is fine. Would like vegetarian options. Doesn't have to be fancy and expensive, but it is fine if it is. I prefer anything with a European or Latin influence. Dinner for a couple.

What’s a good Mexican restaurant for B-day dinner?

I am soooo impressed with this area's board and members! Lots of feedback. I ended up going to Loteria in Hollywood, and it was perfect…other then the fact that the host was slow and pretty much the last person who should be working in a restaurant :) The food was great and made up for it! Waitress was friendly and efficient, wine was good! Next time I'm in town I will try some more of the suggestions. Thank you again!

Loteria Grill Hollywood
6627 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Apr 26, 2010
jb55555 in Los Angeles Area

Staying in Pittsburgh - need area with good restaurants to get hotel

I will be staying in Pittsburgh this week. I usually stay in airport, but would like to stay in an interesting neighborhood that has good restaurant options. I am vegetarian and I like modern, diverse, and interesting restaurants. I like upscale, but prefer not ridiculously priced!
Any recs of what area (hotwire or priceline) is best to bid on? Any specific restaurants you would recommend? Thanks!

Apr 26, 2010
jb55555 in Pennsylvania

What’s a good Mexican restaurant for B-day dinner?

good food!! bday song not necessary :)
I am looking for something a little interesting. Problem I have with some of the really modern places (IE “El Caminos” where I am from - NYC) is they don't have as many vegetarian options as classic mexi restaurants. Would like something a little different/modern, but with vege options. Thnx!!

Apr 24, 2010
jb55555 in Los Angeles Area

What’s a good Mexican restaurant for B-day dinner?

I am looking for a modern-ish Mexican restaurant that would have good vegetarian options. Should be upscale and nice, but not over the top expensive. It will be a Sunday night. Getting on flight after, and coming from Beverly Hills area. Any ideas?

Apr 24, 2010
jb55555 in Los Angeles Area

What is the best Thai restaurant in the Albany area?

Don’t get me wrong...i love blue spice. The atmosphere and service are the best in the area that I’ve found. I am just not crazy about their curry…looking for other options for take out. For dinner out (especially special occasions) we go to Blue Spice!
I don't like Capital Thai, although I only tried it once my curry was very bland, and atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. I just tried Sukhothai and liked it. My food was not spicy, which was disappointing. But I will give it another try!
Thank you guys!!

Capital Thai
997 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205

62 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12206

Where can i buy a great cup cake in Albany area?

I prefer a unique flavor selection…not just vanilla and chocolate. Defiantly has to be a good red velvet!!

Catering for an outdoor wedding in Catskills

We are from Albany area and my sister is planning an outdoor wedding next summer in Catskill area. Her and I are vegetarians, but most guests are not. We like healthy interesting food, but not the type to spend more then necessary to have a quality wedding (lots of other good places to put that money!)
Any ideas for catering? While I’m at it..we are still looking for the right location. Outdoor., preferably with water. We could either do an all in one spot, or just rent location and handle everything else ourselves.

Looking for a good date spot in Albany area

im willing to take a ride - what would you suggest in Saratoga?

What’s the best Mexican Restaurant in Saratoga?

Thank you - we tried Cantina. It was just what we were looking for. Great food! Modern/interesting menu. Fun atmosphere. Stay away form the guacamole though…very expensive and nothing special. Otherwise food and prices were good!

What is the best Thai restaurant in the Albany area?

I love the ambiance at Blue Spice, but the food is not as good as other Thai restaurants I've been to in NYC. I am willing to travel within 1 hour, so it can be located in Albany or any of the surrounding areas.

What’s the best Mexican Restaurant in Saratoga?

Looking for a nice site down restaurant for a dinner with family. Preferably modern atmosphere, vegetarian options. Can't find any good Mexican ion Albany area, but heard Saratoga has good options

Looking for a good date spot in Albany area

Looking for a restaurant/pub/bar in Albany area for a first date. It doesn't have to be in Albany, can be nearby. Would like a bar or lounge area to hang out for a drink first, and then sit down for dinner. I love modern restaurants and great food, but don’t want it to be too extremely not to be too uptight. I'm a vegetarian, but my date is not. I don't need a ton of veggie options..just a few. Looking for a fun comfortable atmosphere. Prefer dim lighting and some privacy.
I know I am asking for a lot!! Any ideas?