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Special occasion restaurants near Lafayette, Indiana

Hello everyone! I am trying to find a great restaurant near Lafayette, Indiana. My ultimate objective is to give a gift certificate for dinner for 2 to a colleague who lives there.

Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance!!!

Dec 04, 2010
liz021464 in Great Lakes

"Girl's Night Out" Dinner Recommendations?

Thank you!!!! I'll look into them all. REALLY appreciate the ideas!!!!

Apr 08, 2010
liz021464 in Manhattan

"Girl's Night Out" Dinner Recommendations?


I'm meeting a girlfriend in NYC for a girls' getaway weekend and am am looking for some restaurant recommendations for Friday night. We're both professionals in our late 40's (but still hip ;-) so I'm NOT looking for the latest trendy, faddish, place, but also not looking to spend a fortune. We're starting with drinks at the rooftop bar at the Peninsula, staying in mid-town, but we are happy to travel.

OH, and we're going to 44 1/2 Hells Kitchen on Saturday night.

Any thoughts very much appreciated!!!!!

Apr 08, 2010
liz021464 in Manhattan