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Kuala Lumpur - Ngau Kee Beef Noodes

oic Soong Kee has an outlet at Hutong Food Court, Lot 10. since this is the first non-halal food court in town in an air-cond mall, you can make do with the famous non-halal eateries all over town in one location.

Kuala Lumpur - Ngau Kee Beef Noodes

Ngau Kee's standard has dropped cos almost everything is done by foreign workers these days. Hygiene is a big issue here too.

I've written some reviews on the beef noodles within the city centre and here they are:
Lai Fong

Opposite Lai Fong is Shin Kee which opens in morning and afternoon. Night time they operate at a sidelane behind Hong Leong Bank in Chinatown.

My fave is Soong Kee

Newish culinary/cooking retreat w/ lodging in Kuala Lumpur

Hello, I'm a Malaysian and based on my observation and attending cooking classes in Kuala Lumpur, non cooking classes can beat those in Bayan Indah. Rohani impart lots of tips that are not written in recipes and she totally understand how to handle foreigners by introducing the basic Malaysian ingredients. She usually skips this for classes that have mainly locals. So she actually tailor the class according to the participants.

BTW, she has converted her home into a comfortable home style resort so you can stay here and attend classes. Just contact her and she can even arrange transportation for you.

I've blogged about my experience here

And I'm attending my next class with her this coming July 31!

Best cities in Asia to visit for chowing?

I have to agree with lasvegas. Even though I'm a Malaysian, I'm still blown away with the cooking class I attended at Bayan Indah recently. I have blogged about it here