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Best New Restaurants in SF?

Try looking at this site to see new restaurants in SF:

(disclosure: I'm the creator. Thought you'd find this useful)

SFNewEats - A list of new restaurants in SF

What would you like to see for SFNewEats that would make it more useful? Let's assume it'll aggregate all these listings together.

SFNewEats - A list of new restaurants in SF

Hey thanks for the additions! I'll get those in.

I didn't set out to be hipster-friendly only. The current data sources I'm using are the usual food blogs and publications out there. The problem is, those tend to only cover hipster places.

I'm also looking into alcohol licenses to get more data. But in the end, I'll also be relying on folks like you to send in tips!

SFNewEats - A list of new restaurants in SF

Hey folks, I was tired of trying to keep up with all the blogs and media to find out about new restaurants, so I made a site that just displays a simple list of new (and soon to be open) restaurants in San Francisco.

This should be a great way to discover new places to eat. Also, let me know if I've missed any. Would love to hear feedback!

Peanut Sauce

alkpal: no need to cook hoisin. It's traditionally made from sweet potatoes, and, with all the spices and sugar, it's got natural preservatives.

caitybirdie: peanut sauces don't necessarily have coconut milk, although in many cuisines (like Thai) it does pair with it.

Aug 01, 2007
jamesjyu in Recipes