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Lafayette/Breaux Bridge/New Iberia, LA and Acadiana surrounds worth visiting for food?

Catahoula's Restaurant in Grand Coteau, just off I49 a few miles north of Lafayette, is now re-opened, but only on weekends. Lunch/brunch and dinner Friday through Sunday. The website does a good job of conveying the atmosphere and menu. Well worth the drive.

Apr 12, 2012
Owlfred in Central South

What's happened with the Robinhood Free Meeting House?

The RFMH, out on the Georgetown Peninsula near Five Islands, just down east of Bath, has been our favorite Mid-coast Maine restaurant for years; has never disappointed, and as part-time Mainers, we've had diverse occasions there -- Easter and Thanksgiving dinners, multi-course tasting dinners with wine pairings, special menu theme evenings. Then came tonight.

A local acquaintance told us owner Michael Gagne had lost his Chef de Cuisine, Troy Mains. Tonight, during an Italian-themed prix fixe meal, Michael was seen to be so (harriedly) busy pushing orders out of the kitchen he scarcely had time to do his usual schmoozing of the mostly-local (and seemingly Bowdoin-tinged) crowd.

And the food? My lovely spouse referred to it as "tasteless as hospital food." A TOTAL departure from every experience we'd had there before over the last 10 or so years.

I'm hoping this is a temporary aberration which will pass once a suitable new chef is brought in; Michael is obviously spread too thin with his entrepreneurial activities to be effective running the kitchen himself (we regularly are able to buy his 72-layer biscuits at Whole Foods in Houston).

But something's got to give with the present situation as exhibited tonight. Don't know, maybe they left out all the seasoning as a Tax Day protest. Otherwise, a major, major disappointment.

Apr 15, 2010
Owlfred in Northern New England

Eating in Presque Isle & Caribou, ME

Best bet is to cross the border at Fort Fairfield and head over to the Castle Inn at Perth-Andover. (P-A is12 miles from Fort Fairfield via Route 167.) The Castle Inn has an English country house hotel atmosphere, with a serious chef/manager, a Scotsman.

Apr 06, 2010
Owlfred in Northern New England