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Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

Too bad tomato is gone.

Gyoza Bar ......

Ditto here.., was also underwhelmed with everything i tried. The gyoza skins were good. the ramen not as good when compared with other ramen in YVR.
Most items tasted muddled in flavor. Nothing stood out from this one visit.
There was a 30+ min wait to get in on a weeknight.
They had at least 11 person in the kitchen.
The food came almost all at once, be nice if they manage to stagger the dishes.
As mentioned the beer selection could have been better.
Nothing unique or delicious worth a second visit based on the items I had that nite.

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

The non usage of MSG is a big plus IMHO. I'm still thirsty after dinner at Amigo last nite. The problem is most resto use the cheap msg. And many cooks lack the good sense in building flavors which take time and skill.
Bun Rieu!, thanks for the recommendation.
According to the inter-webs the owner's are Rose in the front and husband Hong cooking.
Would prob order and item something with their pate, most like the the sticky rice.
And their fresh rice roll....

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

That's my impression of Northern Viet flavours. It is more subtle.
The Bun Cha and Crab Spring Rolls are defo on my list to try. Was the Chicken Pho noteworthy?
I did call, no reply, will try again before heading out. Thanks for the heads up.
FWIW, would you personally recomend this over Hai Phong crosstown?

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

Just saw a couple of blurbs in the twitter-verse and curious to TOFTT tonite. Any recommendations?

lingham chili sauces

in a pinch is a good base for making singaporean chilli crab sauce

Weekend Greek dinner in Steveston - Kisamos or George's

does it have to be greek or steveston?
neither is really good. one is terrible. the one in the corner that i went to was sold(a few years back i think), new owners really know how to cook bland, boring tasteless food. Service was not professional either.

Knifewear coming to the Coast in July 2014

I'll be going. Probably check out the ramen place in tinseltown after. Need to replace my lost/stolen knifes.

Butcher Paper in Van

Not sure what is old classic butcher paper...
I may have some. How much do u need?
Try also paper product places that service the hospitality industry. ie Moshe paper on 5th.

Hangin' out at the Mall - a Chowdown at the Asian Food Court in Crystal Mall (Burnaby)

Oh dear..! Didn't see the bump! Was wondering if I was having déjà vu...
Sadly wang's is no more.
Crystal mall is still a destination. Not just the food court but also the small resto's within it.

CA + GA friends visit Vancouver for Asian food - need help!

My suggestions based on your criteria's:
Kirin or Fisherman Terrace: I generally prefer reso between 11:30-12:30 on busy weekends. I find kitchen execute dishes best around those times.
Amigo(sp? hkg western) or Lido(hkg Chinese)not Alleluia(better known for value destination) and mui garden for the hong kong's version of Hainanese chix rice. All ok Richmond.
There is a Burmese mentioned by Joyce station. That be ur best option for more authentic.
Kumare in Richmond does not not have Turo Turo. And have all the dishes u are requested.
I agree that that viet Chinese is very good. Though not represented in Vancouver. And the wonton in Vietnam was amazing. I had three bowl each visit. But objectively speaking, a well made hkg wonton is superior. Richmond has a couple of decent ones, mcnoodle(brisket is good), tsim chai.
Phnom Penh is popular and seems to always impress guess that I've eaten with.
I'd comment that shanghai river is popular but not necessary becomes of the food. I'd opt for dinesty in Richmond. My experience is each resto has items they tend to cook well. Shanghai Wonderful, Top Shanghai are options as well. Service is more consistent at shanghai river is that matters. Owner is from hkg, not that should matter.
Hotpot in this city has been ruined by the ayce places. As quality is deemed a luxury not requisite. As you prob know hot pot is very regional. Hkg, Taiwan, Mongolian, nothern Chinese, southern Chinese, south East Asian Chinese etc etc... And that is generalizing hot pot eating already.... Landmark iirc if the one by king Edward station in prob ur best best. Get the geoduck. Garden city hot pot is pretty consistent too. And very close to bubble queen. Which by the way is walkable 15mins or 2 minutes bus ride, iirc #430.
Taking a cab is easy in Richmond. You call and it's there within 5 minutes.

2014 spot prawn season

Alaska I believe..

Any good restaurant offers yummy STEAK TARTARE (Not the Korean style one) ?

Bao bei possibly.

2014 spot prawn season

I think it's great that spot prawns are well marketed and there is a demand for it. But not all spot prawns are equal in quality, taste and texture.
Tasting a freshly caught spot prawn off the waters in BC is NOT the same as spot prawns at T&T.
I do miss the spot prawns at Koon Bo for sure. They are delish, as well.
I believe if you go around 3pm at the granville island wharf, when the boats are back from the water, it is about $17/lb ..

Where can I get the best Pho with good soup (less MSG) in Richmond area ?

Haha.. nice one. Must be Ben typing. I tend to go to green lemongrass myself because of location.

Pho Lan and Thai Son has been disappointing the last couple of visits.

Havent been to An Nam in about 3 years, but it was solid tending to a more neutral flavour profile. And I've not tried Pho Han.

anyone good place for Kalbi (Korean Barbequed Beef Short Ribs) ?

Sura is most consistent imho. The Richmond location is decent as well. The beef was good and the seasoning was rounded and balanced. Personally I prefer more punchier and stronger flavor profiles.
Chosun is more homely and the Galbi was good but everything else wasn't unfortunately.

Any good Burmese restaurant in town ??

ELS, who is running and cooking at Waht Tee?

Ramen House (Northern Chinese/Szechuan) in Kits

the name is confusing for sure. and i cant remember a single thing we had that night. fair to say it wasnt memorable

Tacofino to open 2nd storefront in Gastown

more beside L'battoir. It will be a while. The space has nothing as far as resto and kitchen.
Boneta space is already taken with the japenese Teppanyaki resto. pretty empty whenever i walk by thus far...

Gyoza Bar ......

I think it's Mini Chowdown worthy... toftt

Any decent Japanese sushi place run by Japanese in Richmond

I didnt like my two visits to Ichiro. Sakura has a small space and limited menu.
Would suggest Seto as they can accomadate a party of 7 and food is most consistent (sushi hachi not withstanding) in richmond.
The second option not mentioned here is the one off Cambie St. Close to a Shopper's Drug Mart/ LA Chicken/Halal Butcher/Tandoori resto.

Richmond Night Market 2014

My .2 cents. Really nothing stands out at either Night Market food wise. But it can be a entertaining environment for some. Worth checking for something to do, but not really for the food, imho.
The cone ice cream is quite horrendous.
Slavic Roll is ok.
Pork Hock is decent.
Buckwheat soba is tasty.
Think the Squid and Lamb Skewer are good but not worth waiting in line for.

Off topic, apparently the organizer(the one closer to River Rock) made profits in the 7 figure range last year.

Red Boat fish sauce

Never seen it locally. Asia market doesn't carry it. Was there a few days ago. They didn't have the 3crab either ended with brand never used before.

Chinese soup stock

Not much on supreme stock when I googled.
Just wanted to add my .2 cents.
For supreme stock:
Old hen for richness
Pork tenderloin for sweetness
Chinese ham for flavor and taste
Chicken feet to thicken
Beef shank, optional
Tangerine peel
white peppercorn
Fried scallions

Dumb question: How do I go from canned whole tomatoes to crushed tomatoes?

Certified Neopolitan pizza places strain the 'san marzanno' tomatoes. Then crush the whole tomatoes by hand over a strainer/perforated insert. Add a little of the water for can. Save the rest of liquid for other uses.

New westside Thai -- any reports?

It is the same owner as Asia Market. Asia market imports products and produce direct from Thailand. So at least the ingredients are legit. Should TOFTT..

Pressure cookers

just wanted mention a couple of things for future references:

i was in the market for a Pressure Cokker(PC) specifically to do stocks. dave arnold suggested a PC with spring valve tasted better than PC with jiggler type regulator. Also suggested than PSI less than 15 Psi would be ideal. Jiggler releases steam that agitate the stock and effects clarity. Jiggler also releases steam that Arnold and Blumenthal believes releases valuable flavor into the air as appose to going into the final stock.

Heston Blumethal uses a tilting skillet pressure cooker for his stock at the Fat Duck. From what I've been told they use about 10PSI. Their stocks have consomme like qualities.

Ended getting the Kuhn Rikon 12lt duromatic.
I got a kuhn rikon PC from with a discount for picking up at their location + a cookbook and an extra gasket; it came out cheaper than ordering from Amazon + delivery+import fee deposit and without the extra gasket and cookbook

combo or electric pressure cooker(PC) didnt rate or fare well in almost all PC applications. partly due to lack of PSI. though i did not see any specific review of the breville mentioned here.

the brands that I have seem recommended in the English inter-web were Fagor(American/Spanish), Fissler(German), WMF(German), Kuhn Rikon(Swiss). Fissler and WMF are not well supported locally. KR was generally considered the best but was pricey and required to change the parts ie gasket with more regular intervals. People who owned WMF and Kissler seemed to have some quality issues and their PC would crack or break after a few uses.

For a starter general PC(not for stock making) on a budget, you can get one from an indian store(ie Sabzi Mandi) like the hawkins for about $30-$90. Note: this PC design with how the lids fits inside the pot(cant explain well) causes some challenges when you have to pour anything from inside the pot out. Also I went into several store to compare prizes. Their prices varied for the same model rather significantly. The best price was from a supplier provided from the Hawkins distributor in Vancouver on (main/50th)

2013 Fresh Produce etc.

I was referring to locally grown products.
currently arugula, spring onion, fava beans, leek, spring garlic, fiddleheads and wild ramps are available.
you might see some green asparagus in the market this week, possibly from hannah brooks
but as for white i believe there are from France atm

Asia Market 265 E. Hastings (DTES) - all things Thai

the owners are Thai, with a Chinese speaking older lady(possibly from Vietnam) manning the till.
if you have specific(generic) item you can ask them to source and bring it in for you.
for the record, if you need any Thai ingredient/recipe this may be a good source for future reference.
hey are also good with Vietnamese/Malaysian products.
For vietnamese there is a store that looks run down closes to Tung Hing that has better selection. There is also another decent Vietnamese grocer further along on the same block that is similar and serve fresh sugar cane juice.

GE: this is where i get my thai ice tea now. since the one on Gore closed, as you reported.

I'm in search for asam gelugor/Thai ส้มแขก:
But they havent been able to source it, so if any hounds care to help my search, I'd greatly appreciate it. :-D
I cant get it anyhwere...... :-(

2013 Fresh Produce etc.

Morels - are very trickling in very slow at the moment. “as soon at the nights stay a little warmer we will then see the crop really take off”.

Fiddle heads from northern BC are available now. Fiddelhead fern(east in may)

White asparagus now.

Other in season now or on the next few weeks,
artichoke/ Vidalia onion/ corn/ rhubarb/ english peas/ fava beans/ green beans/ arugula/ elderflower/ leeks/ spring onions/ watermelon