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Raincoast Crisps

Here it is! You can adapt it to use whatever additions you want - pecans & raisins, figs & olives, whatever!

Feb 25, 2011
crispychewy in Home Cooking

Best eats in Montreal?

We're in Montreal (for the first time) until Sunday - any recommendations for restaurants/bakeries/eateries not to be missed? We're staying downtown...

Calgary Farmer's market in the Herald

I think if we're talking about Calgarians supporting our local Alberta producers and wanting access to their products, we can compare the two, even though one is on a far smaller scale than the other.

Calgary Farmer's market in the Herald

Interesting that there was no protest or uproar when the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Market closed this summer.

Coffee shops in Calgary

The new Caffe Rosso in Ramsay - just off Spiller Road - turn at KamHan.

Apr 01, 2008
crispychewy in Prairie Provinces

Great restaurants on International Ave (17 Ave SE) in Calgary?

Does anyone have favorite spots on International Avenue in the SE?

Best Food Blogs?

I have four:
101 Cookbooks (
)Dinner with Julie (
)Orangette (
)Gluten Free Girl (

Mar 20, 2008
crispychewy in Food Media & News

Anyone been to Luxor in Calgary?

Luxor Emporium Cafe in Brentwood for Egyptian cuisine?

Cheap eats in Calgary?

Where would one go for good, original food on the cheap in Calgary?

Oct 10, 2007
crispychewy in Prairie Provinces

Calgary-Heartland Cafe Raspberry Vanilla Muffins

I have a copy of said cookbook... I'll try to dig it out and post it. I do recall them having a shocking amount of butter - probably why they are so good! (They sound healthy, with the yogurt and all...)

Remember too, that restaurants have to be able to give you an ingredient list if you ask... not necessarily a recipe, but it helps!

Sep 15, 2007
crispychewy in Prairie Provinces

good Calgary bakeries

There are some fab bakeries in Calgary -you'll never be disappointed at Manuel Latruwe (also close-ish to Scotsmans hill - I live there too) but if you are going for small lemon tarts, they have to come from Ladybug at the Calgary Farmers' Market.

Guests coming into Calgary for a weekend

I'd vouch for Rouge- Paul is amazing. It's particularly great if it's warm outside and you can get a table outside in the garden. And I'd add Saint Germain to that list, in the Hotel Arts.

Sunday Brunch in Calgary?

I've heard that the buffet at COP, on the top of the ski jump, is a fantastic and as yet undiscoverd place for brunch. My favorite brunch with kids is Diner Deluxe - not a buffet though. Best eggs Benny in Calgary!

Aug 08, 2007
crispychewy in Prairie Provinces

Capo's closed; what now? and Banff..

Rouge, definitely. Murietta's, Devino, Saint Germain (in the Hotel Arts), Blink is the new hotspot downtown on Stephen Ave, Brava Bistro on 17th.

Aug 08, 2007
crispychewy in Prairie Provinces

Cupcakes in Ottawa?

Does anyone know of a good place that does cookies and/or cupcakes in Ottawa?