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Sal's Pizza 2 (New Rochelle)

Sal's Pizza 2 replaced Quaker Ridge Pizza about a month ago. Has anyone else tried it?

Unfortunately it's Yonkers Sal's, and not Mamaroneck Sal's. I gave them two chances, but the food is consistently bad. The crust is flavorless and has a terrible texture like a cracker. Everything looks and tastes cheap. Honestly, some of the worst pizza I've ever had.

Quaker Ridge Pizza wasn't a gem, but their pizza was a notch above generic. I never thought I'd be so disappointed to see them gone.

Chef's Table at Golden Horseshoe in Scarsdale

I had a good breakfast there, but on a separate occasion my parents had a bad one. The burgers was only adequate, so I wouldn't get that again. The garlic fries are good if you can get them well done. They sound inconsistent, which I think is a deal breaker for any restaurant. I'll probably give it another chance if it's still there in a month or two.

Goodbye Grimaldi's in New Paltz??????

I'll chime in. Grimaldi's pizza had fresh ingredients and was enjoyable. It didn't leave a heavy feeling in your stomach. Sometimes you want that, sometimes not. The best pizza ever? Nah, but disappointing to see it go nonetheless. Sorry you had a bad experience.

Rochelle Coffee Shop (New Rochelle)

Opened recently in the old Donut World spot next to the Post Office on Quaker Ridge. Tried a couple things, but nothing good to say. Was really hoping for a new good food spot near by. Most of the stuff was frozen or out of a bottle. Burger was bland. I heard breakfast and their coffee is a let down too. I don't understand why people bother opening food establishments if they're going to just drop Sysco products into the deep fryer.

Anyone try Gyu Kaku in White Plains?

Gyu Kaku requires a certain level of "kitchen confidence" for a pleasant experience. I went there a couple times for lunch and found it to be a interesting experience, but not the most tasty. Worth trying, but probably not many repeat visits because it's pricey for what you get.

I'm surprised they don't explain proper food safety concerns. A couple friends didn't really notice their cross-contamination mistakes until pointed out. For what it's worth, I can't think of any reason why cooking chicken and beef in the same place is a concern,

Sushi/Sashimi Westchester

Sakura in Scarsdale is consistently great.

Gyu Kaku, Japanese BBQ plans a new store in White Plains

Spoke to one of the employees while passing by today. They won't be serving lunch for at least a couple months.

ISO Pork Belly in Northern Westchester

Dante's Italian Deli in White Plains was able to get me a pork belly a few months ago. Definitely need to call ahead.

Westchester: I want to meet 20 friends for drinks.

Since you mentioned a place in White Plains... Sports Page has a couple private rooms, if that suits your crowd. They slimmed down their menu a few months ago and the food quality has improved.

Good singles crowd for over 40-50 yr olds on a Thursday night after work. Lower Westchester

Perhaps Vintage in White Plains?

Fresh Mozzarella in the Hudson Valley

Have you considered making your own? It's a pretty simple process. I can't comment on the time cost involved, but you'd certainly save on raw materials and you can't get much fresher.