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Grand Electric

I only really mention the crowd because Grand Electric will seat you at communal tables with strangers sometimes, and it is very loud and packed in there so you will overhear extremely loud conversations whether you want to or not. Your dining companions will not necessarily be the people you arrived with

Grand Electric

um I guess I'd describe the douchey element of the crowd as former fratboys who work in finance and live in tacky condos, but dress up as visual artists in expensive clothes from Sydney's to eat tacos in Parkdale on a weeknight. Basically the same crowd that used to go to The Social a few years ago

Grand Electric

Went yesterday for about the 10th time now...

I really enjoy the place, but I think the expansion to the patio, basically quadrupling the size of the restaurant, is causing some problems.

They no longer take a number and call you back, they just give you a time to return at. When we returned at that time we had to wait another 15 minutes.

They have a lot of new staff and our (new) waitress took forever to get our order and then messed up the order. She was not as good as the regular waiters/waitresses, whom I really like, and have always given me great service.

The food took a LONG time to come out and was lacking in certain respects. The guac usually has some kick to it, but this time they seemed to have forgotten the lime and whatever other ingredients they use. It was pretty much just mashed over-ripe avocado - very bland. The pork belly tacos also came out cold and kind of dried out.

The crowd is also getting a bit douchey now, but I guess that's out of the restaurant's control.

Anyway, I really like Grand Electric, and I like the new patio - I just hope that they are able to keep it up to the standards that I got used to over the winter.

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

Tried BP about a month ago... I will not go back.

I got the double double combo and fried onion. The burger is good, but nothing special, and rather small for the price. The only issue I had with it was the amount of grease. Don't get me wrong: I hate healthy food and love greasy burgers. The problem was that there was so much grease that the entire bottom bun disintegrated, making it very hard to eat and kind of gross. The fries were tasty, but they really need to use some different containers for them to go. I ate them immediately in the parking lot outside, and they were already soggy.

The main drawback though was the owner. The guy is mentally ill. I don't know any other way to put it.

30 seconds after I walked in, he angrily demanded my order while I was still looking at the menu (it was NOT busy). I tell him that I'm waiting for a friend to come. When the friend comes in a minute later, he demands the order again, despite the fact that my friend had only had about 10 seconds to look at the menu and the place was half empty. We order two double double combos with onions.

OK, now this is where it got weird. About 5 minutes after giving my order to him, he turns around, screaming "YOU DIDN"T ORDER YOUR FOOD!". I'm like "What do you mean? You literally just took my order 5 minutes ago". "NO YOU DIDN'T ORDER!!!". While screaming at me for no apparent reason, he had a really wild look in his eye that I can only describe as being indicative of something not being right upstairs. He was not communicating clearly and I had NO CLUE as to what this lunatic was talking about.

Thankfully, one of the other staff intervened and explained that I needed to order at the cashier. (If you order at the cashier, then why did the cook/owner rudely and repeatedly demand my order from the cooking station??? When you order from the cook at most takeout restaurants it's just common sense to assume that they ring you up when the food is done, rather than make you order twice). Instead of him just telling the cashier what I ordered like a normal human being, I had to go over and order it all over again.

OK, problem solved, right? Nope. About 10 minutes later he turns around and shouts "YOU!!!" at me, while leaning over the counter and jabbing the air in my direction with a greasy spatula. "ONIONS!!!". I was like "Huh?". "YOU DIDN'T ORDER ONIONS!!!" Me: " I want onions, I ordered onions on it from you. Remember?". "YOU DID NOT ORDER ONIONS!!!" At this point, the spatula is shaking in his hands he's so angry. The rest of the staff are looking at me with eyes that say "I'm so sorry." Thankfully the cashier girl intervenes and says "You forgot the onions when you ordered again at the cash" I was like "Oh, OK" so i go back to the cash and order the onions, and that was that.

All I can say is that it was the most bizarre, rude, and frankly insane service that I have EVER received, and the product isn't even that good. I won't ever be going back.

best thai in the Junction/High Park area (that delivers)?

second that... I'm pretty sure that Thai Chef is the best in the area, and one of the better Thai restaurants in the city (not saying much). They advertise that they have thai chefs trained in Thailand and they deliver

Kibbeh Nayeh in Toronto?

Good luck

I love sitti-made kibbeh nayeh, especially with some arak to wash it down. I still haven't seen it in Toronto, but somebody must do it.


The arrogance of the owner at Local Kitchen and Wine Bar Queen West

+1 on the goat cheese.

IMO it's a huge red flag when you see a menu full of goat cheese. One gets the feeling that the recipes came out of a Chatelaine magazine

Poutine Must Try's in Ottawa Region

poutine trucks?

Chip wagons, man, chip wagons. That's what they are called. Chowhound needs to read up on its Spud Sweetgrass

Help! Repatriated Torontonian baffled by the Chinese food!

I doubt that you will find what you are looking for in Toronto. Canadian-Chinese food in Toronto is really, really terrible in my experience, but outside of Toronto it can be pretty good. I think that people here tend to be overly disdainful of Canadian-Chinese because it is so bad in Toronto (Ho Lee Chow, etc.). Chicken balls can be good, but I've yet to have one in Toronto that wasn't utterly foul. Same with egg rolls.

I've had a fair bit of Chinese food in upstate New York and Pennsylvania ("sesame chicken" etc.) and it was not very good at all. I think that you will find that "Canadian-Chinese" is much, much better than "American-Chinese". You just won't find it in Toronto.

Got a whole carton of double yolk eggs from Costco

me too, a couple weeks back

I wonder if it's a side-effect of some drug they feed the chickens... or something... It certainly seems odd, since double yolk eggs are supposed to be 1 in a thousand, and these multiple double-yolk cartons seem to be a new thing.

Sep 11, 2010
William Taft in General Topics

Cari Ga?

Ca ri ga (vietnamese curry chicken) has to be my favourite dish on a cold day.

It's generally made with chicken thighs and sweet potato and served with french bread to dip in the curry. I've also had it with taro, potato, carrot and onions.

I've had some really good homemade cari ga, and make a pretty mean one myself, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any viet restaurants with a really standout version?


It's pretty easy to find. IIRC they carry it at No Frills and Price Chopper. Besides those, you can get it (along with a variety of masa) at La Tortillaria Market at Bloor and Dufferin. There are also a few places on augusta in Kensington Market that carry it

At a loss

Not to be the hyperbole police, but I'm also a bit surprised by this.

What dishes did you try at PDC?

Worst in Toronto

hate is too strong a word, and it might not really deserve to be on this list, but my issues with Aunties and Uncles from eating there quite a few times around 2004-2005 when I lived in the area:

-slow/bad service even on weekdays when the place was not full. One time the waitress and the cook had a nice long chat right in front of us while we waited for our food (3 orders) that took close to an hour to arrive. I could see having a chat if he was waiting for something to cook, but it was evident that he hadn't even started. Other times I just found it slow getting menus/coffee/etc.
- I really don't like their dill mustard potato salad. I can whip up a better mustard potato salad at home, and I'm no master chef.
-I didn't like the breakfast tacos. They were very bland, and again I make a waaay better version at home (using Rick Bayless's recipes for homemade chorizo (with my own tweak) and salsa). They're just not up to a restaurant standard. I also thought that they were extremely overpriced for two skimpy little tacos. I left feeling very unsatisfied

I think I also had a breakfast sandwich there that was OK, but nothing special, and a basic breakfast that was fine but overpriced... it was a long time ago though, so my memory is a bit foggy. In general I just found Aunties and Uncles to be over-priced and over-hyped for pretty bland food and slow service. Not the stuff of hatred, but enough to strike it off my list of places to eat.

Best chinese BBQ Pork

Um I didn't mean that I had tried all of the places in the GTA, I was just dividing between downtown and the burbs.

It wasn't meant to be a bold statement. Thanks for jumping down my throat, though

Best chinese BBQ Pork

In all of the GTA:

Zhong's in the First Markham Place food court.


Goldstone Noodle. Others may disagree, but there's something unique about theirs that I really like.. I think it's extra anise in the marinade. very tasty

Kom jug sucks.

Best Pho in T.O.

I really don't get the hate for Pho Hung. It may not be the best, but it certainly isn't as bad as some people make it out to be


"To me, Pho Hung is to pho what Spring Rolls is to Thai food."

Really now.

It's nothing of the sort. Quit trying too hard.

The Chinese food truck at U of T

Isn't there a couple of them on St. George?

I usually go to Wokking on Wheels, the one that parks right beside Robarts. Decent el cheapo singapore noodles, great price and portion. It's basically two meals.

Anyone tried the other two? Kee's and that other one that parks south of Harbord?

best jamaican patties in the gta

re: Randy's runny filling

That's what coco bread is for!!!

Caribana Food places for next weekend!! any suggestions? caribean foods like Roti places,Jamaican and good jerk chicken?

some more general recommendations:

For patties I like Randy's or Allen's. Randy's are a bit more stuffed with a tastier more liquid filling and thinner shell. You probably want to order some coco bread to make a sandwich out of them. Allens is more flakey with a thicker shell and less sloppy filling. I prefer Randy's overall but both are good.

For jerk chicken downtown I like Pat's Homestyle (formerly Albert's) at Queen and Bathhurst. I can't vouch for authenticity, but I always find the Jerk chicken with oxtail gravy to be consistent and tasty.

Caribana Food places for next weekend!! any suggestions? caribean foods like Roti places,Jamaican and good jerk chicken?

hmm well I was just assuming that the original poster would be at the parade if they are coming in for Caribana.

There's another location of Island Foods that is still open at King and Dufferin if you want the same kind of roti

Caribana Food places for next weekend!! any suggestions? caribean foods like Roti places,Jamaican and good jerk chicken?

Well one obvious option is the food stands at the Caribana parade. They are on the south side of the parade by the water. To get to them you need to go over the footbridge to Ontario Place and walk west from there, or take the footbridge at queen and roncesvailles and walk east from there.

Many to choose from.

OM Restaurant in Parkdale

great place. Quite tasty and excellent service

I've had one sit-down meal there (pakoras, Lamb karahi and cashew ball) that was very good. Good naan.

I've also tried the takeout special. It's not quite as good, but for the price I really can't complain. I would definitely get it again. So so so much better than that dump Taste of Tandooree.

Restaurants I love, you hate

some random trivia: The Canadian version is actually kind of the "true" KFC -- at least historically.

The Colonel himself sold off all the American KFCs in 1964, and moved to Mississauga in 1965 and lived here since then while retaining ownership and control over the Canadian KFC brand. He was actually pretty critical of the American KFC.

He also sponsored part of the Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga.

Best Jamaican Patties - GTA

yeah the pastry is thin
coco bread is a must

Best Jamaican Patties - GTA

better than Randy's?

Best Caribbean in Toronto?

My favorites are

Randy's at Eglinton & Oakwood - best patties I've ever had

Spence's Bakery - Just a bit east of Randy's. I like their Oil Drum Chicken w poundbread cooked outside on the sidewalk during the summer. I've had Rap's as well but it was so long ago I can't remember what it was like.

Pat's Homestyle - Queen & Bathhurst - some may disagree, but I still love the jerk chicken with oxtail gravy, and that tasty sweet slaw. Hasn't failed me yet

Someone mentioned upthread the Mr. Jerk that used to be on Yonge street, and I have to second that. It was inconsistent, but when it was good it was hands down the best.

I'm still looking for a really good place for curry chicken. Any suggestions?

If you are really into good carribean, and don't mind crowds and LOUD noise: Caribana parade. The best stands are on the south side of the route, west of medieval times.

Worst in Toronto

- Fran's
- Mr. Greenjeans
- New Ho King

- Spring Rolls, East
- Rice & Noodle
- Terroni
- Salad King/Flip Toss Thai
- Friendly Thai, most other Thai places
- Il Fornello
- Smoke's Poutinerie
- Poutini's
- Supermarket
- Chippy's
- Lick's
- Mars diner
- Fresh
- B.B.Q.'s
- John's Italian on Baldwin
- Margarita's on Baldwin
- Gabby's
- Ghazale
- Taste of Tandooree
- Pickle Barrel
- Lakeview Lunch
- Amato Pizza
- Red Room / Green Room / Nirvana
- Oasis Tapas
- Aunties & Uncles
- Cafe Diplomatico
- Hungary Thai
- Last Temptation
- Grill Time
- Golden Griddle

What's your most disappointing dining experience?


Duck & Prosciutto Dumplings - OK, but just Ok.
Sea Bream Ceviche - bitter, not fresh tasting at all. I've made better at home... and that's not saying a whole lot
Lemongrass Cornish Hen - just terrible. the lemongrass flavour was overwhelming and poorly incorporated. fusion at its worst.
Beef Rib Stew w/ Taro fries - beef was tender and well cooked, but stew was bland and taro fries very dry

On the plus side the service was excellent, friendly and efficient. The room had a nice atmosphere. The food was also mostly well cooked and well presented, but the flavour was just not on in any of the dishes. It ranged from bland to just plain terrible, with the disappointment compounded by small portions/wild overpricing.

I could see how it could be good, but based on what we had I won't be returning. Maybe there are some other good dishes there, but at $12-15 per tapa there should have been something good in those 4 dishes.

New poutine spot - Poutini

mikefly, I know you are probably not 100% serious but that's not true. There's a lot of good poutine in Eastern and Northern Ontario. In my experience, wherever chipwagons are to be found there should be good poutine. I've found the cutoff for good poutine to be around Belleville.

But yeah - it's really not rocket science. The problem in Toronto is gravy, not curds (as some dilettantes would have us believe). I think they are trying too hard to follow some misguided notion of "authentic" by making their own gravy from scratch. They should really learn to walk before they run. If someone wants to bring genuine poutine here, it's as easy as figuring out where La Belle Province sources their gravy, which I'm pretty certain comes from a mix, and buying it. It's poutine: trashy fast food. 95% of the poutine in quebec is made using some sort of crappy instant gravy. They need to stop overcomplicating what should be a very very simple dish.