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Alep (not petit), Damas, or Kaza Maza

Damas...the best of your choices by far. Rumi is pretty good too! :D

Foodie in Montreal for 1st time .... PLEASE HELP !

I agree on Les 400 coups (bistro fine dining, but i suggest going just for dessert)
The Classics: Joe Beef (for hardcore meal), Pied de cochon (for the Foie gras), St-Viateur Bagel(...for bagel..)
Brunch at La Fabrique on Sunday Mornay (starts at 10h30)
Kazu (japan), Grumman 78 (kind of mexican) are very popular...
Kem Coba for the best Ice Cream in the world...
If you like good beers: Dieu du ciel!...And Depaneur Peluso (kind of liquors store) if you want to bring some back home.

..Don't forget to go to the Jean-Talon Market...

If you're visitin this Fall....Sugar Shack du pied de cochon for the best epic meal of your life!! (

Jean talon market greehouse

Luca94 is right... the greenhouse is supposed to open on april 22...

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

AMEN! Here's the menu!!

Food Events & Festivals in Quebec & Montreal - 2012 Master List

There's a beer event called Winter Warmer in Montreal on February 23-24-25 at Théâtre Plaza:
''beers brewed especially for the occasion, oak-aged specialties, outstanding vintages or specially conditioned beers designed only for the occasion''

Raw milk

Nowhere! It's illegal to sell raw milk! The only way is to find a farmer who is willing to give you some...famers in Montreal....mmmm.... good luck!

20somethings birthday

...To me, L'express and Lemeac don't seen to be the best choices for early 20s students. Caffe della posta is a very small restaurant, but it would be the best bet...

montreal for 2 days: french bistro, foie fras and poutine

If you get there early or very late, you may have a chance....but between 7h and 9h30, forget it!

oysters to go

Joe Beef also offers oyster for delivery: the Rolling Oyster Bar...

Oyster party catering available at your home, office, cottage or anywhere you can imagine. The rolling oyster bar fully stocked; with your choice of oysters, shrimp, crab, clams, cockles and winkles, lobster, with mixed sauces, lemons and full service beer or wine. Accommodating parties from 20 to 200.

Buche de Noel

G&G Pâtisserie Gourmande on Mont-Royal also have pretty funky bûches...

Buche de Noel

APDC Cabane à sucre 2010

I sent my e-mail on Dec. 01 (for a reservation of 6) and got a call in January. Some of my friends sent a e-mail few days after me and did not reveived any call. The CPDC received more than 4000 requests in 45 days! This year, the ''reservation period'' was from Dec 1st to January 15th...If you sent a e-mail before or after this period...forget it!
I'm not sure...but I think most part of available places are filled with big groups and the waiting list is very very very long. They keep some places for small group...but it get full very fast.

best food in prague

I did not lile my experience at La dégustation...Very expensive and not great...I had canadian december (not the season so probably frozen)!! Hard to find food and good quality food are not the same!

Dec 30, 2010
mangeonsca in Europe

Best delivery to Villiage

Barroso is a very good place for portuguese grill chicken....Palais Montcalm is a crappy place for pizza...:(

Sous-Marin or Philly cheesesteak

Hey! :D
Where can I find a good Sous-Marin or Philly cheesesteak in Mtl


Churros in MTL

Where can I find Churros in Montreal?

Mother's Day Brunch

Grange vin+ bouffe for Breakfast tapas
Bistro Biron for funky Breakfast
Le maitre chocolatier for classy breakfast (reservation required)

Help - resto to watch hockey on Saturday night that's NOT Cage aux Sports

My favorite:
- Les Brasseurs de Montreal
- Burgundy Lion


May 15th , 7/7, from 11h30 to 15h00

best in-store beer selections?

There the Depaneur Peluso, 2500 Rachel est ( Iberville) in Montréal....every microbrasseries beers are there: Dieu du ciel, les brasseurs de montreal,la barberie...there's even someone to give you tips....very nice place!

Has anyone recently visited the Burgundy Lion?

I often go there to watch Hockey games....never had a bad experience....maybe i'm just lucky!