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eating on The Drive

Have a small group of out of towners that wants to go to Commercial Dr to shop & eat. Need something that caters to carnivores & Vegetarians(non-Vegan). Any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

Nov 20, 2012
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Ghana food

Looking for a restaurant in greater Vancouver that serves food from Ghana(or at the very least western Africa).I am not from Ghana but have had Ghana food while on an European vacation.

Apr 01, 2012
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Where can I buy Mizithra cheese in the Vancouver area?

I know a long time has past since your post . The suggestions here are great but also another great place for cheese is the various locations of Les Amis du Fromage. They are very knowledgable . Their suggestions for wine & cheese pairings are great!!

May 19, 2011
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Kamloops Eats??

never too late for good ideas, I go there2-3 times a year, infact am going later this week,

Sep 06, 2010
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

want to buy zucchini blossoms in Vancouver area

I saw some available @ the Steveston farmer;s market last week

Sep 06, 2010
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Kamloops Eats??

Going to Kamloops to stay with friends. Any suggestions for decent casual dining?
Have already tried Montana's for lunch, Would appreciate any suggestions.

Jul 25, 2010
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Moncton NB

Late summer I am planning on flying to Moncton for a couple of weeks. Would appreciate any suggestions for regional cuisine restaurants & foodie gifts. This will be my 1st trip to the Maritimes

Apr 14, 2010
zipper in Atlantic Canada

Pimentin(spelling????) in Vancouver

Looking for friends up north for smoked Spanish paprika, believe it is called Pimentin(not sure of the spelling). Does anyone know where I can get some in the greater Vancouver area?

Dec 01, 2008
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Surviving in Maple Ridge...

GM Restaurant on Lougheed Hwy near 207th is good if you like Indian food. However I must admit that The Green House on the corner of Dewdney Trunk & 224th is FABULOUS!!. Prices are reasonable, portions quite large & food is high quality. Well worth the visit.

Jul 27, 2008
zipper in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Lansing Mi

I am planning a visit from the west coast to Lansing Mi to visit a friend there. My friend does not seem to care much for seafood which I love. Nor is my friend an adventurous diner like myself. Would appreciate any suggestions on affordable dining options in the area. Am determined to get my friend to try something new... My motto--"Try it , you might like it"
Thanks in advance.....

Ultrafine silver or gold edible foil

If you are in Vancouver then I suggest you try the following stores:
1) Gourmet Warehouse 1340 E Hastings
2) Urban Fare(Yaletown) 177 Davie
3) Urban Fare(Coal Harbour) 305 Bute
4) Meinhardt's 14th & Granville
Good luck!

Taco Del Mar-5th Ave Place Calgary

TDM is a chain. Need I say anything more? For those people who have never tried REAL texmex before, then I suppose this is a start. If want something quick & easy go there. If you want quality authentic texmex then go elsewhere

Mar 15, 2008
zipper in Prairie Provinces

4 hour layover in YVR - Where to lunch?

Sushi King House on Granville St in the Marpole area of Vancouver. About a 5-10min cab ride away from YVR. The food is fresh,portions large & prices cheap.

Good eateries near Vancouver General Hospital??

One short block below VGH emergency dept is Steeps Tea Lounge @ Broadway & Laurel.
They have excellent soups,sandwiches and baked goods. The selection of teas is phenomenol

Brisket in SW BC (Vancouver Area)

Thanks for the tip. I do occasionally shop @ TnT on 152nd for some very special items for a foodie up north. Will check it out next time I go there.

Ground Turkey ideas

Does anyone have any ideas for using ground turkey? I do use it to make burgers and stuffed bell peppers. Just looking for other ideas. Thanks in advance for your input.

Oct 22, 2007
zipper in Home Cooking

Brisket in SW BC (Vancouver Area)

Please let me know the results. I spend quite a bit of time in Maple Ridge,too!

Log-in trouble?

"DITTO" same thing happening for me!!

Sep 17, 2007
zipper in Site Talk

Aged Balsamic Vinegar in Vancouver area

I'm on the hunt for some aged Balsamic for some gourmet friends up north. They were here in the Vancouver area a few years ago & bought some in a triangular shaped bottle. Unfortunately they do not recall which store they got it at. Any ideas?

Just moved back to Vancouver / Burnaby from Toronto and need some help

If you like Greek, then I recommend Stefano's on Columbia St in New Westminster.
For Sushi, I recommend Sushi King House on Granville near 64th in the Marpole area of Vancouver. Prices are cheap,food nice & fresh, and portions are large. Great value for your dining $. My friend & I regularly drive out from the valley to go to this place.

Vancouver Restaurants

Well if you like sushi, I recommend the Sushi King House on Granville near 64th in the Marpole(south Vancouver) area. The portions are large,food is fresh & the prices are good.
On a cold damp day I thoroughly enjoy the Seafood Ramen Soup. Tasty with tons of fish/seafood in it. Usually I can not eat the whole thing.

Orange Cauliflower ???

Here we can buy white,orange & purple cauliflower. The produce dept guy sez the coloured cauliflower is the same as white but was developed to encourage kids to eat it. Sounds good to me but my spouse probably wouldn't touch the coloured stuff.(won't try anything different)
Have you heard of Broccoflower--it's kind of a cross between broccoli & cauliflower,.

Aug 08, 2007
zipper in Home Cooking

Bellingham eats?

Any suggestions for eating in Bellingham? Am planning a weekend trip for cross border shopping.. I like a variety of cuisines. Want good value for the dollar.

Aug 08, 2007
zipper in Pacific Northwest

Favorite cooking word or phrase?

"a pinch"
"a handful"--but who's hand? How big of a hand?
bangers and mash(an old British favourite)
prairie oysters--No comment!!
cod cheeks(apparently a delicacy in Canadian Maritimes)

Aug 08, 2007
zipper in Not About Food

Sushi and Seafood in Vancouver

My favourite place for sushi is Sushi King House on Granville near 64th. It's on the way to downtown from the airport. It prides itself as being the biggest sushi in town. It's inexpensive,fresh & portions are huge. On cool damp days I enjoy the Seafood Ramen Soup.

Gumbo & Pasta in Vancouver

Thank-you so much for the tip. I've already looked @ Ouisi's website & am craving it already. As luck would have it, they have a quite generous coupon in the Entertainment Book. Bonus!! Will take friends there.
As for Anducci's, I simply forgot about them. they are very good.
Thanks again.

souvenir fr Vancouver?

My suggestion is to purchase Raincoast Crisps by Lesley Stowe Foods. Available @ a variety of specialty food stores and some supermarkets. There's 5 flavours: Original; Rosemary Raisin;Cranberry Hazelnut; Fig & Olive; and Spicy Sundried Tomato. The Cranberry Hazelnut in a red box is my favourite.
You may want to check out their webpage

Turning the Tables

I was with a small group @ an upscale restaurant for a festive dinner.
Needless to say the place was packed. We were finished our main courses & were lingering over coffee & desserts. Another larger group came in that did not have reservations--it was going to be a lengthy wait for them. Restaurant management approached us,asking if we would be willing to relocate to the bar so that this group could be seated. Drinks were on the house!

Aug 07, 2007
zipper in Features

We'll Just Split This

There's nothing wrong with sharing. A friend & I quite often share. We each order a different appy & share. As for main course we rarely share. But we might sample each others main course. We have never had problems doing this. It also gives us the opportunity to try smaller portions of different foods especially in ethnic restaurants.

Aug 07, 2007
zipper in Features

Gumbo & Pasta in Vancouver

Looking for a place that has AUTHENTIC gumbo, or Cajun/Creole cuisine in Vancouver. Have had the "real thing" down in Louisiana.

Also looking for a great pasta place. Already know about Anton's in Burnaby but they have such long line-ups. Any suggestions?