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Venue for private music band party in Montreal?

I found it on kijiji - you may want to look there as there are several different lofts to pick from (last time I checked). Good luck!

Venue for private music band party in Montreal?


Hi friends,
I ended up renting a big loft near Notre-Dame street close to Atwater, where we could play our music and not worry about other patrons. I got the food catered from Agnus Dei (it was delicious). I chose this option because all the restaurants that I researched did not allow for a band and/or could not host a private party on a Saturday evening and/or were way out of price range.

I hope this helps anyone out there in the same situation!

Thank you for all your suggestions :)

Venue for private music band party in Montreal?

Dear chowhounders,

you are superstars - thank you so much for all your great ideas!
I will call all your suggested places and keep you posted by the end of the week. :)

Venue for private music band party in Montreal?

Hi Chowhounders,

I'm organizing a birthday party for a fellow, but finding a venue for my little shindig is trickier than I thought -- I need your help!

Here is what makes it tricky:

I'm looking for a place
- that's on the small side - I expect only 30-40 people
- where a music band can play
- on a Saturday night
- ideally on the island of Montreal, hopefully close to downtown or surrounding boroughs

In my party-organizing fantasies, I imagine something like a small bar, a quaint little pub or a cute restaurant. I'm flexible (and desperate) enough though that I can organize food and drinks separately from the venue.

Looking forward to your ideas! Thanks!!