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High end late eating in LA - and I mean really late

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm open to anything that just tastes damn good, but some members of my party might not be as comfortable with hole in the wall places. What kind of stuff does Nak Won House have: soo lung tung, soon dobu, bbq, bibimbop?

How about Monterey Park? There's got to be some late night good eats out there. Chinese love staying up late -- at least in Hong Kong they did. Does Thai town have anything worthwhile and open late? Thanks.

Nak Won House
1001 S Vermont Ave Ste 103, Los Angeles, CA 90006

High end late eating in LA - and I mean really late

I'm trying to pin down the best LA options for really late dining, i.e. getting a meal around 3 am or so. I've been to Pacific Dining Car, and I've found them to be hit and miss at best.

So any suggestions for places in the high end and mid-range of things?

Pacific Dining Car
1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Best Seattle Neighborhood for hound foodie

Hey Seattleites,

I'm an SF foodie moving to Seattle in a few months. What's the general take on the different neighborhoods from a food perspective? If I'm looking for authentic, genuine, ethnic eats, are there any particular neighborhoods that they are concentrated in? What are the different authentic ethnic specialties that different neighborhoods offer?