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Basic Crêpes

thank you people!

Jul 11, 2010
drmckeon in Recipes

Lowbrow Gummy Bears Get Fancied Up

thats silly! want t try but sounds expensive!!!

Jul 11, 2010
drmckeon in Features

KIND Fruit & Nut Bars

mmm... Well, i must say- kind bars are good! especialy the ones w/ just fruit and nuts and also kind plus! But, since they are a little price-y i have been trying to make my own. Honey works really well- but a little goes a long way and little seeds like flax seem to help. Maybe agave syrup would help? good luck!! please post if you sucseed!

Jul 11, 2010
drmckeon in General Topics

Canned condensed milk morphs into Dulce de Leche

thanx for the sientific answer!!!

Apr 04, 2010
drmckeon in Home Cooking

Download CHOW Wallpaper: Pasta

seems like its raining pasta! RAW pasta that is.

Apr 04, 2010
drmckeon in Features