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try out diablo's cantina.. it's americanized mexican food, and it is fun..

If you really want something fun there is a cheap restaurant at the sahara where they sell beer towers, and some of your guests would have a chance to eat a 6 pound burrito...

Apr 04, 2010
vegaspizzakid in Las Vegas

Best pizza in Vegas!!!

My thoughts are that there is not a very good Pizza scene in Las Vegas... I thought I would share some of the ones That I think are very good...

Metro Pizza

Good pizza, and Ok environment.,...

Amore Taste of Chicago

Good Chicago style pizza, great italian food..

Mannie & Bo's

Great Pizza, great calzones (no one else makes calzones here??)

feel free to add more, I always love to find great pizza

Apr 04, 2010
vegaspizzakid in Las Vegas