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High End Asian Anniversary Dinner

I think the restaurant Charles is recommending for Korean food is "Nak Won" - I second this suggestion!

Honey Crisp Apples

When my family does U-pick for honeycrisps, it works out to an average of $2/lb

Honey Crisp Apples

American ones are usually available year round at supermarkets; Ontario ones are available at end of September.

Disappearing cocoa...solution?

I know Costco carries one that my wife says is very good - have to find the canister, will let you know.

Amy's Organic Burritos in Toronto

I've seen them at Walmart (frozen section) and at Loblaws (organic section)

Disastrous meal at 28 Lister steakhouse in Hamilton

Phone number on the website is not in service.

Disastrous meal at 28 Lister steakhouse in Hamilton

According to a Yelp comment, this place is now closed, lol - can anyone in Hamilton confirm this?

Mc Donald's Egg McMuffin

The hashbrowns at he McDonald's in Pickering (Liverpool and Highway 2) are always fresh and crispy, not soggy and nor grease laden

Oct 25, 2014
dachopstix in Chains

Mc Donald's Egg McMuffin

Apprentice brings up a good point - you can always improve or innovate on the egg mcmuffin at home, but its not the same. Even recreating it is difficult, maybe McD cheese has some sort of additive in it that makes it extra good, lol

Oct 25, 2014
dachopstix in Chains

The Buna's Kitchen at the Spadina and the Richmond

Smaller menu, prices are ok for the area. Nothing that really catches my eye, but I'm sure if everything is fresh, then it should taste good.

Wish them all the best.

Btw Indianguy, you really like use the word "the", eh?

Its here at last!! - Prima Taste 'Chilli Crab La Mian' ( Noodle in Sweet & Spicy Seafood Sauce)

Technically instant noodles are not a basic grocery, like pasta - this is more like a snack, like chips, hence the HST being charged.

ISO Pandan Leaves

T&T definitely has it frozen!

ISO good quality whole turkey

What's your budget? I'm thinking that for such a bird, you'll be needing to reserve one from either a farmer or butcher.

Scarborough Authentic Chinese

Kennedy and Eglinton

Apple picking suggestions please?

Whittamore Farms also had apple picking and a play area (charged admission) for the kids. How old are your children?

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

Was in the area on Tuesday - noticed the owner, was speaking Vietnamese, so hopefully it's the real deal! Didn't see any stickers for Interac/credit cards, so might be cash only right now.

Estrella Taqueria: New Taco Place Opening in North York

I'll be sure to take some pictures next time I walk by - I work down the street from there.

Estrella Taqueria: New Taco Place Opening in North York

I saw their Twitter - just a lot of retweets, nothing really original...

Even their Facebook page stopped posting after May 8th...

OpenTable says the restaurant could not be found in their system.

Forgot to mention that their logo/sign was also taken down as well, just exposed wiring amongst the awnings.

Estrella Taqueria: New Taco Place Opening in North York

Anyone hear anything about Estrella closing down?

Currently has paper signs taped on the windows saying they're closed on June 2nd and 3rd, but there's also a sign on the door saying they're closed for the day (not specifying which particular day); people have been leaving comments in pen on the sign about how they've shown up and the restaurant is still closed. The restaurant voice mailbox is also full.

Watercress in Ottawa

You should be able to get watercress at your Ottawa T&T supermarket - the watercress may not be grown in Ottawa, but it can be imported.

saffron - where to get it?

You do realize that this thread and replies are over 10 years old...

Many of the independent higher-end supermarkets also carry saffron in the little square packages - what area are you in?

ISO of catfish fillet in Vaughan or even Toronto if there is no place in Vaughan

Fortino's? Walmart? Most major supermarkets carry them fresh

Another new kid on the block - 'Yang's' Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM

Been there twice so far and yes, I have agree that the quality is good and consistent.

The general manager used to be one of the managers/partners of Emperor in Richmond Hill, but left around 2 years ago - I remarked to my wife that the chinese restaurant scene is quite close-knit and you'll see staff recycled from other restaurants.

Service is attentive, servers speak decent English and the aquariums full of seafood are so inspiring - my wife loved some of the seafood set menus and my 2-year old son didn't stop saying "fishy!" for over 2 hours!

The har gow skin was a bit thick, however the freshness and flavour were spot on. Steamed beef balls were perfectly springy and didn't have a radioactive pink tinge from overuse of tenderizer. All other items, too many to list, were seasoned correctly and appropriately - no blandness! The soya sauce for the cheung fun was nice and warm, the container was a bit TOO warm to hold at first though - such a hardship for some good food :)

Everything is $3.00 before 11am on weekdays, and I haven't noticed any tricks with not letting customers in like some other restaurant mentioned.

As per my wife, Yang's has toppled the Emperor for dim sum - long live Yang's!

"The Emperor" - A short 'quality' up-date

Went back to Emperor this morning for dim sum at around 10:00am - apparently it's their 5 year anniversary and it's 10% off from March 1st thru May 1st; unfortunately I assume it doesn't apply on weekends, even though the bill is paid in cash

But I digress - ordered har gow, beef cheung fun, minced beef balls, shrimp and chive dumplings, chicken and ginger bun, sauteed mushrooms with garlic, and green onion pancake.

The beef cheung fun and chicken & ginger buns were fine - sheets were relatively light and the buns were standard like other steamed buns

The har gow and shrimp & chive dumplings were disappointing - the wrappers ripped while being extracted from the steamer and were very doughy. The shrimps themselves were mushy and off, not crisp and fresh. To be honest, my wife compared the har gow to the frozen ones that she could get as take out from food court stands!

The green onion pancake barely had any green onions, nor flavour - very bland! I knew I shouldn't have ordered it, but I had a craving for it *sigh*

The mushrooms sauteed with garlic - non-existent; I had to cancel it because it never arrived; apparently the kitchen was short staffed.

I've even noticed a change in the quality of the tea leaves - I drink Iron Goddess and usually it leaves a sweet and fresh aftertaste, even if it's brewed strongly. This time though, the aftertaste was sour.

Also, the order sheet was a photocopy, as opposed to how the restaurant used to provide regular printed sheets - I'm nitpicking now, I know costs are skyrocketing for everyone.

Finally, yes I didn't receive my 10% discount, even though I paid cash. As well...the restaurant charged my 2 year old son the standard tea charge! It was only $1.20, but I was surprised about that; most restaurants I've been to will waive most, if not all, charges for children under a certain age, especially if they don't eat! The service was ok, just had to wait a bit of time for my change - in the end, I flagged someone down to say I was waiting for my change,

Oh well. It's been agreed between my wife and I that we will probably not be returning to the Emperor, especially with the influx of all these newer, and probably, superior dim sum restaurants. It's a shame - it was the first dim sum restaurant that I brought my wife to where she didn't feel discriminated against; if you read my prior posts about the Emperor, I've always been mostly positive and "forgiving".

I did ask the owner of the cafe next door on whether there was a change of ownership - he said there wasn't, but that there was a high turnover of staff, especially in the kitchen. Incidentally, the buns at the cafe are wonderful and the chocolate mousse cake is divine!

Charles Yu, any comments? I've taken my wife to Skyview, and we enjoyed it immensely, but with the "scandal" of tables being held back during early bird, I find it hard to justify going back to Skyview. I guess Yang's Chinese Cuisine is next on my list to try!

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

I never noticed their premium cuts being mechanically tenderized when I purchased them - I know that the practice was being discontinued due to insufficient cleaning/sterilization.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

Ah, I get what you're saying now :)

Gristly Choice steaks in the US is somewhat upsetting, especially on a Rib steak!

I know for a fact that all of Costco's beef is Albertan beef, no US-finished feedlot beef. Visble marbling can be visually appealing, but it is not always indicative of tenderness and quality of the beef. Mind you, Costco has a great return policy, and I guess you could always bring back the cooked steak if it wasn't tender enough :)

True, you may have had a bad run, OR you're right, the visible marbling is lacking. It was also a rough winter, so maybe the cows weren't finishing well, thus not fattening to the likes we consumers are used to.

Give it another chance. But if the rib steak sucks, you're right to complain :)

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

What particular cuts are you referring to? If the labels on the packaging indicate the beef is AAA, it indeed would be illegal to sell anything of lesser grade.

I bought a pack of two gorgeous boneless chuck roasts last week - cut them into stew beef cubes and they cooked up fantastic. Also bought a nice prime rib roast.

Haven't noticed a drop in quality of beef though.

Monday night sushi

Even Anthony Bourdain, in his latest book "Medium Raw", stated that what he said in Kitchen Confidential was BS

Where to buy kang kong/ong choy/water spinach

I think it's in season late spring through early fall

Where to buy kang kong/ong choy/water spinach

I don't think it's in season right now - if it is, then it's the darker green one which is grown in ground and is tougher

Have you tried T&T or any of the asian supermarkets?

It's also known as Morning Glory :)