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Hello ; need recs for Seoul, Korea

go to Insadong and eat at all the places up and down the little street. Fabulous food, friendly staff and wonderful ambience. esp try the korean pancakes made with potatoes, seafood or sprouts and the different kinds of chigae.

What's for dinner. Part XXV

tonight my daughter wanted noodles, so we had udon mixed with stir fried broccoli, egg, swiss brown mushrooms and a bit of jalapeno and tomato chicken sausage. I added a couple of spoons of clear homemade chicken soup to the stir fry for extra flavor. Dessert was fresh strawberries with vanilla sugar for her and a bowl of fresh yogurt topped with lightly salted cashews and fresh blueberries for me. Husband ate steamed rice with a nice moshur dal (orange lentils cooked with potato, tomato, tumeric and chile and a teaspoon of rasam powder), a green mini cucumber like vegetable called 'kovakkai' in south india made with tomatoes, and a huge steaming mug of chicken soup. (His dinner was actually leftover lunch!)

Apr 04, 2010
milkbread in Home Cooking