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Forest Cafe to close

Sadly, this Cambridge institution is closing.
It will probably remain open until the end of Nov.
Sold to a group of folks who are turning it into some health food store or vegan joint.

After 75 years in the area, it's sad to see this local, family-run establishment close its doors.

Favorite store-selected mixed case of wine?

Marty's on Washington Street in Newton (next to Whole Foods) does a great job building cases of wines. A nice mix of expensive and not-as-expensive to get to a good average cost.

Cheap, late night eats near Harvard?

it is so ... sadly.
no more slices of chocolate cake the size of your head.

restaurant supply

thanks Michael B - Boston Showcase is great.
just picked up some Metro shelving there.
I'll be back to pick up some other odds and ends soon.

El Oriental??

Went there a few weeks ago - I was underwhelmed again; it ain't that much better post-fire.

Cuban sandwich was good but not nearly as good as Chez Henri's.
Mufungo wasn't bad - nice and garlicky, but overall nothing great.
Red snapper was pretty bland considering the ingredients: braised in peppers, onions and lots of chopped garlic.
But espresso for $1 - what a great deal!

A number of people were eating the steak w/onions and liver w/onions ... may give that a shot if I'm ever out there again.
Their oxtail soup sounded intriguing - thoughts anyone?

Overall, I'm glad they're back open as lots of folks seem to like it and it's nice to see a neighborhood staple get back on their feet.
But overall, I can't say I was impressed with my meals there thus far.

Comfort Food Season

Silvertone has good meatloaf, steak tips and mac & cheese all year round ...

Sligo Pub--still open? Just how foul is it?

they have a full liquor license, so you can enjoy hard stuff in addition to cheap beer.
they don't have a kitchen, so no food (aside from the chips phoebek mentioned).

so basically, it's just for drinking.

but if you eat at Anna's across the street beforehand, you've got dinner and drinks for less than $10 ... that's something.

Coast Cafe- Cambridge- Now I understand!

I usually get the collards (good, not great) and the black eyed peas (excellent!)
Not sure what seasoning they use on the black eyeds, but they are addictive.

3 you CAN'T live without?

great question ... really got me thinking.

King Fung
Tacos Lupita

Where to buy fresh wasabi?

I've seen it at, strangely, East Coast Grill.
they serve it on the side of some dish which I can't remember.
and even then it's not always available.
but you can go in and ask where they get it or if they'd order you a finger.

also, Bluefin Sushi in the Porter Exchange sometimes serves it as a special.
again, you could ask.

but I've never seen it at a retail supermarket anywhere around here.

buying pacific saury (sanma)

does anyone know where one can buy Pacific Saury ("sanma" in Japanese) in the area?
I'm looking for the whole fish; not canned/jarred.

I found them at Kotobukiya about a month ago, but they didn't have any last I checked (earlier this week).
anyone else know where I might be able to find more?



garlic scapes

bought some in the Central Sq. farmer's market this week.
2-3 different farmers had 'em.