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...I'm not so sure Langdon Hall is the best restaurant in Ontario, regardless of the "guides."

No they are not. There is nothing more frustrating for industry people who actually have earned their accolades to hear this point of view thrown around. Their is nothing worse for restaurant insiders to know the truth of how it actually works, to have to entertain an idea that is substantiated on nothing but perception. Before voicing an opinion, you should at the very least make sure it's a somewhat educated one. To all of us who know better, it's just irritating, and actually really unfair to the chef and restauranteur.

I am confused...Is Keriwa open weekdays with regular menu?

When is the tasting menu, is it just Saturdays? Has the price gone down?

Are they open again during the week with an a la carte menu?

Has any regulars had the tasting menu yet? How is the tasting menu doing, was it busy in the restaurant?


Frank's Kitchen

Hi Abbey, did you go?