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Is there anyplace locally to buy Honeybells? Or something equally sweet and juicy?

They are amazing. I got two cases from Harry & David as a gift and went through them so quickly. I was then checking Russos and Whole Foods but have not seen them there. Honey Bells are super sweet and very very juicy. I also love Cara Cara oranges that they sell at Whole Foods and Cocktail grapefruit
that I find at Russos. Cocktail grapefruit have a lot of seeds but they are super juicy and sweet.

Johnathans on Needham street

It looks great! Perfect. Thank you.

Pastrami in Boston that approaches Katz's?

Sam LaGrassa's in my opinion has the best pastrami and corned beef in Boston. I am surprised that you think Zaftigs is better.

Johnathans on Needham street

Thanks for the warning. My friends are not big drinkers just big eaters. We all like good food. Biltmore may seem to bar like then and if the bar at Johnathans is the best part we will skip that too.

Johnathans on Needham street

My friends want to get together for dinner and suggested Jonathans where the old Papa Gino's was. Is it good ? There will be six of us and some are on a budget but they like good food. Any thoughts?

Pastrami in Boston that approaches Katz's?

Katz's is my favorite NYC deli, It's not good it's excellent. Hand carved pastrami and corned beef. If there are tourists there it's because people talk and tell them to eat there. There are plenty of touristy restaurants in Boston that are excellent too. Friends send their friends to places they know are delicious.

January 2013 Openings and Closings

That devastates me. I loooooved their pizza. It was the most delicious pizza and the husband and wife team were always wonderful to everyone in my family. I am so depressed about this , really.

Sweet Cheeks Q... worth the trip to try it?

It is excellent. Neat space kind of Industrial looking. Excellent cocktails and fun and delicious food. Ribs are excellent. Pulled pork and brisket sandwiches delicious on each visit. The sides are good too. Butterscotch pudding for dessert. I really like this place!

Goya Jamaican Style Ginger Beer by the case?

a buck a bottle is a very good price.

Please help me decide.

I went to Red Lantern last year and thought it was weird. Everything about it. The staff, the menu, the scene. While maybe it is a cougar thing I thought it was a bunch of 20 somethings drinking a modern version of a scorpian bowl. We went with another couple and the menu was not like you could get your own dinner. For example I got a fried rice dish and that was an entree and it was like eating a big bowl of rice and that is it. There are so many other great choices in Boston and that one you can leave off your list.

Oyster Bar

Just show up. Be a walk-in. Tell them that you tried to book but could not get in. I am sure they will accommodate you. Island Creek not only have great food but their service is amazing too.

Save me from Margarita's -- Moody Street, Waltham

Margarota's not only serves bad food but their service is awful too. I hate eating in places where I go with anothewr adult and they seat me next to a noisy family with a highchair. I realize that these places cater to families but Margarita's is just a ridiculous place. It's funny because Moody street used to be a fun place to eat but I do not find it that way anymore. Watertown has better places to eat. You should try Jasmine Persion restaurant or the Middle Eastern Baker & Cafe in Watertown next to Target. It's totally affordable and is excellent family run homemade food.

ISO Oysters

Whole foods always has them. Mostly Island Creek but sometimes you will see another kind but all local. They are usually 1.99 each.

Great Booths

Eastern Standard has lovely food and booths.

Food Grade Cellophane Bags

Most party shops have them. Try an iparty and you will find them.

Tortuga Rum Cakes or similar ?

They are right near the registers as you get in line. Enjoy!

Tortuga Rum Cakes or similar ?

Just saw them at TJ Maxx on needham street in newton. They had tons of them.

Gold leaf?

Joann fabrics is a good idea. They have a large baking and candy making aisle. You can also try Serenade Chocolates in Brookline.

Small Pies or Tarts in Boston Area

Why not do wedding cake looking cupcakes and have a cupcake bakery do them. You could have one of those stands that each cake fit in and have them decorated with pretty colors and maybe some gold leaf or something weddingish. A wedding is such an important occasion that I think it's nice to make some kind of statement and not just a bunch of little pick up pastries. I recently went to a wedding where they had three different cakes. One was a vegan carrot, the other a lemon and the other was chocolate. Something for everyone and they made it look very interesting.

Brookline winter farmers market - great news!

What a clever way to make a winter farmers market. That building needed something fun to happen it! I can't wait to go.

Best Chocolate Cake in Boston

Smith and Wollensky has a great chocolate cake that has a zillionlayers. It's really tall and classic chocolate cake.

good warm lobster roll - convenient from Waltham?

I love their lobster roll and find the little bit of cucumber refreshing and delicious. They recently changed the sides to homemade potato chips instead of french fries and I liked the fries much better.

Mujadara and Fatoush

Jasmine Persion Restaurant has an excellent Fatoush salad. Clean flavors and lots of cucumber and mint.

Dumplings or noodles/soup

Try the Super 88 food court. It's in Allston right near BU.

Pre-Made Thanksgiving Meals... Take home & Heat/Cook????

There are some excellent options in the Newton area

The two Whole Foods in Newton have lots of Thanksgiving food to offer
Volante Farms in Needham has a holiday menu
New England Soup Factory in Newton has a holiday menu with lots of soup and sides
Bread and Chocolate has two locations in Newton have a really nice holiday menu
I am not sure but maybe Bakers Best will have some catering holiday options

ISO spaghetti regatte

Russo's has a wonderful selection of all different kinds of dried pasta. They may have it. Everyone I bought and tried has been really excellent.

Does anyone make their own candy & caramel apples?

It's funny that you bring up Brach's candies. I have tried unsuccessfully to track down Brach's spice drops. I do not like the other no name brand that all of the stores are carrying. They do not taste the same as Brach's do. Why do you think that brand has been so hard to find when it used to be readily available.

Does anyone make their own candy & caramel apples?

I would like to find some real handmade candy and caramel apples. I am not looking for the prepackaged or those hug chocolate dipped apples. I want something nostalgic. Thanks!

Oceanaire -- WTF? [moved from Boston]

I have had some really good dinners there. Great raw bar selection. I got the shrimp and grits as a dinner entree and my husband had the fisherman's platter. Had the salt and vinegar fries. The food is not astonishing but I have always had good food there. Seafood restaurants in general are expensive. It is a downtown location which is also why the prices seem high. I have never had bad service there but I do dislike when they try to sell you a membership for Landry's restaurants when eating there.

Oct 18, 2012
cherrytomato in Chains

Seeking retail sources for Florida stone crab claws

My brother has always had them shipped from Joe Stone Crab in Miami. It comes with mustard sauce too.