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Bourbon at Costco or Sam's Club

When I was a young Naval Officer back in the 60ies, I used to love George Dickel Then they stopped making it. It came back in 2003. Now in our local Costco, they are selling GD #8 for only $19.95.

Oct 07, 2013
FILSJOY in Spirits

Tamale-Making Tutorials w/ photos. Get out your steamers and get started. Mi masa su masa.

I just found this site. Was wondering if anyone else has used a pressure cooker to steam tamales. I've used my pressure cooker for years and years and always happy with the results. Tips: Make sure the uncooked tamales do not lay in the water in the cooker. Use a spacer or the things that comes with the pressure cooker. Add only enough water to not be avoid spacer. Layer the tamales leaving about 2 or 3 inches from the top. Put on the cooker top and pressure thing and turn on high heat. Once the pressure things starts to jiggle, turn heat down and keep cooking for about 10 minutes.
Then with lid and pressure thing still on, run cold water to release steam. Then open and take them out. Hmmmm. Then add a bit more water and more raw tamales. I see no difference than using my steamer other than taking much less time. Try it, you'll like it.

Apr 02, 2010
FILSJOY in Home Cooking