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Giancarlo on Clinton

Guincarlo recommended to me this week, think any chance of getting in tonite without reservation? Thanks

Riverdale Farm and Brunch

Hi - looking for a kid fun and friendly Sunday brunch spot in the Riverdale Farm area - any suggestions?

Riverdale Restaurant
360 Springbank Dr, London, ON N6J1G5, CA

Toronto FC Chowhounds?

heh. That sounds perfect. Thx currycue.

Toronto FC Chowhounds?

Headed to the home opener tomorrow night, looking for a lively spot within walking distance to the stadium for a nice meal and a pint. Any suggestions? Thanks!

College Street restos

ibraineater, Rabbit, TorontoJo, estuafarian: thanks for the Sidecar recommendation, we went on Sat eve and had an awesome dinner. We didn't make reservations, but they still made room for us at the bar which suited us just fine. Started with romaine hearts, my wife had the fettucine w/ shrimp, and I had the open face raviolli, add a nice bottle of wine and it was perfect. Actually it was more than perfect when our host brought out a free (& tres tasty) desert... what a rare, great act. Thanks Sidecar (and chowhounders) - we'll be back for sure.

Best bistro/diner on Mt. Pleasant or Bayview?

Zee's has an excellent Steak/Frites also. Will have to check Simple out soon.

College Street restos

It's been a few years since we've hit College Street for a dinner. Any recommendations on new spot for a fun dinner with my wife? In the past we frequented College Street Bar, Midtown West, Diplomatico.

Or should we be looking to another hood?

College Street Bar
574 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B3, CA

South Street Burger Co. ?

Many times @ the Laird location. Big, bright location is a great way to end a Home Depot trip... while quite busy they have ample seating. I'd give it a top 3 for fast food burgs in midtown (Burger Shack = #1) Agree with other posts, the unique toppings are a big plus.

Toronto: grocery stores open this Friday?

thx lyndak! i was hoping that T&T Cherry Beach was open, but surprisingly it wasn't

Toronto: grocery stores open this Friday?

Wondering if anyone knows if Fresh and Wild at the Distillery District is open today, Good Friday?

Distillery District
55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA