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ISO Best Puffy Tacos

That place is closed. I went there once after it became Dos Juans and it was really bad. One of the worst meals I've had in a long time.

Mar 13, 2012
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Any Guatemalan restaurants in the Dallas area?

Definitely check out La Mejor. I have been there a couple of times and its great. The tamales are huge and they come with a side of plantains. They have a few different types of papusas also. My only issue with it is I'm just not that familiar with the food and dont really know what to order. That makes it more fun though, just order random stuff based on the pics on the menu.

Sep 08, 2011
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

[DFW] Best Place to find cold or cool eats [DFW}

Does anyone know of a place that serves New Orleans style Snoballs? Those things are great. Also, a diablita (sp?) from one of the fruiterias is a good summer food.

Jul 12, 2011
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

who makes the best german chocolate cake

I have by no means had them all, but I've had one (or several, actually) from Delicious Cakes in Addison and really liked it.

Jun 13, 2011
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dalls Food challenges?

Pho King Way up in N Ft Worth/Keller has a pretty interesting challenge. It involves eating 6 different dishes, both appetizers and entres, and you get $1000 if you eat it all. Doesnt seem very likely though.

Mar 24, 2011
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Are there any *real* Cajun/Creole restaurants in Dallas?

If you make it out to Arlington, there is a little place on Cooper just north of the Parks called Pierre's. Its a simple, no frills, order at the counter place. Very similar to the ones you find in and around New Orleans. They have great po-boys. Ive had several including fried shrimp, fried oysters and bbq shrimp and they were all good. They also have the standard etoufee, jambalaya, beans and rice, etc. Ive only had the beans and rice, but they were good. They usually have homemade pralines for sale too. Not a place for a formal dinner, and service can be a bit 'quirky', but if you are out for a good po-boy, its worth a try.

Mar 04, 2011
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Mansfield recs?

Oliver's on East Broad across from Methodist Hospital is a pretty good place. Part meat market, part deli, they make good sandwiches and grill items.

Blue Mint on Debbie Lane is also pretty good for Thai.

As odd as it may sound, I really liked the grill inside Methodist Hospital. My wife was there for a few days so I ate it quite a bit. Aside from good quality and really cheap burgers/cheesesteaks/etc, the daily special is sometimes really good. If you time it right and go on cajun day, you are in for a treat.

Unfortunately, Mansfield is mostly chains and places that are ok at best. Not too much uniqueness.

Feb 21, 2011
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best BBQ in DFW?

Pecan Lodge does have some pretty solid bbq. My only problem with them is what you get for the price. I got sliced beef and ribs (both excellent flavor, smokiness, consistency, etc) but only got three really small pieces of beef and a couple of smallish ribs for over 10 bucks.

Baby Back Shack is worth mentioning, although I've only had the ribs. They are easily some of the best ribs I've had in Dallas, and you can get boudain as a side to boot.
Smoke is another consideration, though not your traditional 'que place, they serve up some fine food.
Coopers in FTW is good if you are up to driving to the stockyards. The brisket is on par with some of the Central TX places, but I've found the ribs, especially the beef, to be a little tough.

Gotta agree with Twinwillow about Muellers, puts anything I've had in the DFW to shame.

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for great Menudo.

To be honest, I've always thought FTW had better Mexican places than Arlington for the most part, but when I lived in Ag-Town, Danielitas was pretty good. We used to go there for breakfast quite a bit. I havent had their menudo, but I've had the caldo de res a lot and it was good. Another place to try is Supermercado Monterrey on Pioneer. Again, havent had the menudo (gotta be truthful, the only menudo I will eat is what mi familia makes), but the other food I've had there is good and I know they have it.

If you are willing to venture over to FTW, try Esparanza's. It is probably my favorite Mexican place for breakfast.

Dec 22, 2010
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Taquerias in Fort Worth

Tacos Ernesto is a good one, and its on McCart. Its a couple of blocks north of Seminary. The platters are great. For about $5.50 you get your choice of meat with rice/beans and tortillas. I personally like the barbacoa or the puerco en chile verde, but everything has been good. The sopes and flautas are also great. Unlike most taquerias, they also serve chips and hot sauce.

If you want to get really adventurous, there are also alot of good places inside La Gran Plaza, the mall on Seminary and I-35. You can get the standard taqueria stuff, but also some Central American stuff like papusas and empanadas. There are also quite a few snack stands/fruiterias scattered about the mall that have some good stuff. And just in case you are looking for an airbrushed t-shirt or a new grill for your teef, they've got you covered there too.

Tacos Ernesto
3778 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Dec 22, 2010
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Fried Burritos

Gotta find an Allsup's C-store. They are the ultimate fried burrito for soaking up all the beer you've had on a road trippin' weekend to West Texas. Ok, they actually aren't all that great, but they do bring back memories.

Oct 11, 2010
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

I found good BEEF RIBS in Dallas Metroplex

I have to second Eddie here, Pappas has really good beef ribs. I know its not cool to like anything that isnt a food truck/local/sustainable/grass fed or god forbid you pay compliments to a chain. But with all that said, they are good. For a bbq joint, which are not really known for good sides, Pappas is pretty good in that department as well. The brisket...meh.

Sep 14, 2010
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth

Anyone tried 7 spices in Mansfield?

I went there the other day. I had the pho and it was pretty good. They just have one kind of beef pho, its served with meatballs and some thin cut round. My wife had the chicken curry, it was decent but not as good as a traditional Thai curry. We also had springrolls and they were ok. All in all, its not the best Vietnamese I've had, but it was pretty solid. Especially if you live around Mansfield and dont really want to drive a long way (Arlington or Haltom City). Prices were very reasonable and the waiters were friendly. Since I'm a big pho person, I'll definitely go back.

Jul 22, 2010
Jugg in Dallas - Fort Worth