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Tavern at Croton Landing

We just got back from The Tavern at Croton Landing, If you want to wait 40 minutes for a table and then an hour and half for 36 wings, go to The Tavern. The waitress told us the main meal was ready but the wings weren't (after one hour), she said the computer reversed the order. We told her we wanted the wings first and so we had to wait another half hour. I asked to speak to a manager or owner and was told, there wasn't any on the premises. Not only that, the waitress also charged us double on many of the entries.
The wings were o.k. not great and certainly not worth waiting for.
The burger was good, the fries greasy, and the turkey burger had so much garlic on it, who could tell how it actually tasted?
Definitely not a place to go again!