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Primo in Maine

DB: We did not explicitly say to the server that she was a vegetarian, that was definitely our mistake, although we did make sure with her that the soup we ordered for an app was not a meat based stock.... The pork was not listed on the menu (we double checked). It was more her attitude that did it for us. She did take the entree off the bill, but without telling us which was odd, she just set the bill on the table and walked away. I will say again that I do not believe she sorry once. We were seated not in the bar but in the small room right at the top of the stairs. We waited downstairs to talk to the host on the way out but I think he had left his post for the night.

Primo in Maine

I had dinner at Primo last Saturday night and had a pretty bad experience. It started with the host (whom I believe was the co owner) being very frazzled and seeming to have a hard time keeping everything under control. We were seated upstairs and if I had known I would have requested downstairs with my reservation. We ended up next to a very very loud party of 10, we could barely hear each other talk. Service was poor at best, waiting a long time for bread etc... The part that ruined the meal though was a misunderstanding with my wife's entree, she is a strict vegetarian and found after eating half of her dinner that one of the sides at the bottom of the plate had large chunks of pork in it. Our server's handling of the situation was so disappointing, not even an apology. The best way to describe her attitude at the situation was that she simply did not care at all. I see that this restaurant gets a lot of praise, but we will never go back.

Weirdest New England Restaurant

I know that Mahalos Catering was there at one point, but I believe it has sat empty for a while now.

Far from Perfect

A very interesting read about Linda Bean can be found here from the Bollard, a paper in Portland:

When Pigs Fly Pizzeria In Kittery-- any thoughts?

I have been twice and been mildly disappointed both times. On the plus side, the beer selection is very good, i'd say best draft selection in the area. But as far as the pizza is concerned I have multiple complaints. First off, not enough salt in the dough, it is very bland. Both visits the pizza has been undercooked, with no char and a slight gummy/rawness. I wonder what temperature they are keeping those ovens at, and possibly they are just pulling them out of the oven too fast to keep up with the high volume of customers. Lastly some odd seasoning choices, like big pinches of dried oregano on my margherita. All in all, with some tweaks it could be so much better and has potential to the be the best in this pizza wasteland that is Southern Maine.

Looking for non traditional Thanksgiving ideas

Looking for something different this year, anywhere between Boston and Portland. My first choice was Miyake in Portland but I just called and they will not be open. Any suggestions?

Arrows? Is it worth it?

No, and I would not go to MC Perkins Cove either, as I do not think it is anniversary worthy. There are much better choices in Portland.

Anyone making fresh mozzarella in the Portsmouth, NH area?

I thought about Brookford Farm, as I have purchased milk from them before. I didn't see any mention of mozz on their website but perhaps I will give them a call...

Anyone making fresh mozzarella in the Portsmouth, NH area?

Title says it all... Silvery Moon Creamery was selling it at the York, ME farmers market last summer but I have not seen them there this year. Anyone know of anyone else that produces it locally?

Looking for best food in Portsmouth, NH for "special occasion" dinner

Black Trumpet, I couldn't recommend it enough. I think it matches all of your requirements more than the other suggestions so far.

Best Sushi in Portland Maine?

Without a doubt, Miyake, one of the best meals of my life.

AJ's Wood Grill Pizza - Anneke Jans (Kittery)

Wow, what a disappointment. If I had not seen them grill the pizzas in front of me I would have sworn they were frozen. My wife and I both thought the same thing, it tasted like a frozen pizza. The crust had absolutely no rise or puff, just thin, dense and completely flavorless. We tried a small white and a small cheese. Decor is having an identity crisis, cold metal chairs, bamboo tables and an unfortunate giant tv on the wall. I will not be going back.