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French dressing on pizza in Biloxi?

My wife, Lynda (d'Iberville High School class of 1964) and I used to go to Hugo's after football games. One night in 1964, one of her classmates had ordered a salad to go with his pizza. He put a slice of pizza on his plate, next to his salad. Some of his French Dressing got onto a piece of pizza and he told us all that it tasted pretty good. We all tried it and thought it was great! From that night on, we always put French Dressing on our pizzas. And the people at Hugo's always ensured that we always had a few extra bottles of dressing when we stopped in. I guess it caught on, because 40 years later, we were in Biloxi at Lynda's mother's house and ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. When they delivered it we saw that they had included 4 squeeze containers of French Dressing with the order! This is the Honest-To-God' truth.

Apr 01, 2010
jbeaugez in Central South