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possibly poisonous pickle problems

thanks for the feedback. the garlic is kind of blue but the pickles didn't kill me or render me blind so i guess its ok.

Jun 20, 2009
switters in Home Cooking

possibly poisonous pickle problems

The gf and i got some great looking kirby pickles through our CSA today so i decided to attempt pickling for the first time. I used alton brown's recipe for slightly sour pickles, taking care to clean the cucumbers and sterilize the mason jars. I made two jars and sealed them once they came to room temperature some time ago. Since then, the garlic gloves in both jars have taken on a pretty intense greenish blue hue. I read about a similar thing happening while I looked through the comments on the recipe but couldn't find an explanation for it. Is it the result of contamination, or something else i should be concerned with? Thanks for your help chowhounds.

Jun 18, 2009
switters in Home Cooking

Lunch with a 17-year old in DC

maybe spike's good stuff eatery on the hill? or the hill matchbox?

What is the quintessential food of your town?

In upstate new york, we have...
half moons (they're not called black and white cookies).
chicken riggies
salt potatoes

May 04, 2009
switters in General Topics

Most unhealthy thing you have seen or eaten

i saw some crazy pizzas in japan, like stuffed crust pizza divided into four quadrants, each one topped with items such as chicken nuggets, hot dogs, deep fried pork, or perhaps canned tuna with an artful dollop of mayo. i lived in Nagoya, the ads called the pizza the "Nagoya combo."

Mar 29, 2009
switters in General Topics

dumb restaurant names [Moved from Ontario Board]

here in the colombia heights neighborhood of DC, which has a large hispanic population, there is a chinese restaurant named o'tasty's. it might not be a bad name, but i love the juxtaposition of culinary and cultural confusion.

Jan 15, 2009
switters in Not About Food

What to do with 3 dozen peaches.

not too long ago mark bittman posted a recipe for chipotle peace salsa on his blog that i made tonight. it turned out pretty good, though it could have used a bit more spice, chipotle or not, definitely worth checking out if it sounds like your sort of thing, you'd have no trouble finding it on the new york times website.

Jul 29, 2008
switters in Home Cooking

Can we Discuss Cider here?

you should try magner's, its an irish cider, fruity but not too sweet. it's great on tap, i've never had it by the bottle, i've been scared away by the 11 or 12 dollar price tag for a six pack.

Mar 09, 2008
switters in Beer

good marinade for skirt steak

its not italian by any means, but i like alton brown's marinade recipe for skirt steak, this past weekend i used it for a buffalo skirt steak that turned out great. it calls for a couple of scallions, some garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, cumin, brown sugar, salt and pepper, lemon and lime juice all combined in a food processor or blender, i imagine it'd be good on just about anything.

Mar 05, 2008
switters in Home Cooking

Do you want to know your server's name? [Moved from Los Angeles Area board]

i'm a server in a fairly casual, non-chain restaurant, and i never introduce myself to customers by name. the servers i've seen and know who do that are often compelled to do so by a misguided belief that their own self-perceived charm will lend a special something to the diners' experience. all too often though, its taken the wrong way, either as unwanted flirtation or just plain intrusion on what should be an almost entirely private experience. thats not to say that there should be no rapport between servers and their customers, but its been my experience that customers who want to know their servers name will always ask. the best service is always attentive yet unobtrusive, and a good server can always intuitively tell when a customer wants to step outside the confines of their meal and engage in conversation. otherwise, just do your job and let them enjoy some good food and good company.

Feb 10, 2008
switters in Not About Food

Food Budget in Japan

silveryjay's budget recommendations seem right on, but i agree with mr. robb s. that deviating occasionally from that budget to indulge in slightly more expensive meals, like good yaki niku, would be a worthwhile investment for someone intent on having food to remember. i never see it get much play on here, but i would recommend coco ichiban for just one meal to get good, cheap, and often surprisingly unhealthy japanese curry.

Feb 05, 2008
switters in Japan

I'm Demo-ing Japanese Food: Help!

konnyaku is nasty, stay away from that stuff. although kimchi is not japanese, kimchi nabe is a popular winter dish and something that'd be easy to extend for a crowd. how bout some tebasaki, japanese chicken wings? i agree with the idea of gyoza and some okonomiyaki, edamame and some tamagoyaki, rolled japanese omelets, might make a nice starter. good luck.

Dec 08, 2007
switters in Home Cooking

What's Your Favorite Seafood Dish?!

grilled salmon
scallop sashimi
negitoro, with fatty tuna, green onions and a generous amount of wasabi

Nov 20, 2007
switters in General Topics

Tokyo with peanut and soy allergies. PLEASE HELP!!

California mom,
I'm sorry to say but i'm inclined to agree with the more pessismistic responses to your post. I've been lucky enough to travel a bit in japan, a pleasant portion of which was spent in the company of a strict vegan, whose dietary considerations i explained to the staff in japanese, yet we were still presented with dishes that she could not eat, simply because the restuarant generally wasn't as aware of and considerate to dining allergies and preferences as they might be in the states, and i fear that you'd have the same experience, even in tokyo. even with the note, i'd still be extremely cautious in terms of intake that might be harmful. with that in mind, i know that there's still tons of great food for you to enjoy there, i hope you find a way to get to it.

Nov 10, 2007
switters in Japan

Vegetarian Sandwiches to Take to Work

Its a simple sandwich but I love avocado and tomato on wheat bread topped with caeser dressing, whether its homemade or store bought i think the garlic and cheese highlight the flavor of the vegetables and give it a nice creaminess when paired with the avocado. hardly gourmet but it got me through some lean budget days when i was a teacher.

Sep 30, 2007
switters in Home Cooking

pork tenderloin recipe?

The GF is keen to have some pork tenderloin but neither of us has a good recipe, so I'm wondering if you guys have any good suggestions. We're not picky eaters, so kind of recipe would be great. Thanks!

Sep 04, 2007
switters in Home Cooking

Why Do People Rub Their Chopsticks Together Before Using Them?

it is very rude to do that in japan, i never saw a japanese person do that in my two years there. sushi may very well be finger food, but it is still almost always eaten using chopsticks, and anyone who refers to them as "oohashi" on this page should be beaten over the head with their japanese dictionary.

Sep 01, 2007
switters in Not About Food

red rocks pizza= good eats

i went to red rocks in columbia heights last night, on georgia ave, and i have to say IMO it was quite good. the pizza was good, brick oven style, crust was soft but slightly chewy and very flavorful, good and generous toppings, the food came fast, the service was excellent and they have a pretty good selection of moderately priced wine and good beer on tap. the prices were very reasonable and there was a good vibe in the outdoor seating area. i'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good pizza in the city. i hope you all enjoy.

best pizza in DC?

hey guys i've never ordered pizza in DC before and i'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions? thanks.

what do you cook to impress?

if you had just one meal to make to impress someone, say a romantic interest, what would you make?

Aug 02, 2007
switters in General Topics

best chicken fingers in DC?

hey guys i'm new to DC and i've got a craving for chicken fingers similar to the ones i used to get at raising cain, something breaded, not battered. i live on the hill but anything in the DC metro area would be great. any suggestions? thanks.