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Appeal of larger sized Maryland crab, considering cost?

Maryland crabs are not sold by weight. They are sold by size - measuring tip to tip. A Maryland crab can be heavy or light weight (indicating a lot of meat, or little meat). If a crab has just molted it's usually very light. There is currently no requirement that crabbers toss back the light ones. Some do and some don't. Nor is there a requirement that anyone disclose whether the crabs you are buying are heavy or light - you just take your chances. Some restaurants will replace very light ones if you complain. It would more accurate if blue crabs were sold by weight, like lobsters, but restaurants would certainly object.

Mare Nostrum in Fells Point: odd name, good food

Sixteen Baltimore chowhounds (herded by curioussheridan) ventured to this Fells Point stylish Turkish restaurant earlier this week for a group dinner. We had a wonderul meal composed of a number of cold apps from the menu and a set entree seafood extravaganza.

The restaurant is one of those increasingly rare byobs so we also had the advantage of trying a variety of (mostly) wines brought by Chowhounds, including an interesting Turkish white.

The small plates (cold mezze) were all attractively arrayed for display purposes on a rolling cart, enticingly described to us by our server. After a fair amount of debate and round-table negotiations, we settled on five sharable dishes: Pink Sultan - a rich melange of garlic-heavy yogurt and cubed roasted beets, spicy Ezme - chopped-to-a-paste tomatoes with peppers, onions, garlic and spices, puree'd fava beans with fresh dill, Imam Bayildi: braised small eggplant stuffed with a mix of tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil, and a thick yogurt spread . All were served with generous baskets of rich soft sesame seeded bread and were well executed and flavorful. I particularly enjoyed the Ezme.

The entree for our group consisted of three long wood planks laden with filetted and grilled fish, grilled cuttlefish (calamari) stuffed with chopped shrimp and feta, grilled octopus and "Alexandros Garides" which was a large melted-cheese topped ramekin with sautéed shrimp, capers, onions, peppers and spices.

Service was friendly and attentive, (particularly with a group this large, we appreciated their effort to chill our drinks and provide wine glasses all around) and the atmosphere was modern and comfortable. It was another in a long succession of satisfying Charm City Chowhound dinners. Definitely worth a try.

What happened to

Pimento Grill in Anacostia - Report

Google map and the WMATA bus map are your friends.
They're showing a W4 bus to the Benning Road metro station (Blue Line) which gets you closest. Without commenting on the safety of the neighborhood, I would not recommend walking. I can't think of anything nearby that's tourist-destination worthy.

Quintessential Chesapeake Bay-area Dishes

The Maryland hunting season just ended on January 24 for canvasbacks. Limit was one a day; same as Virginia.

Whole Foods Friendship Heights and River Road and the Thanksgiving crazy

And the one item was???

Annapolis recs?

Also, Cantler's doesn't use Old Bay. They use a JO spice blend.

Duesenberg's German Dinners in Catonsville - Report

The sauerbraten was the highlight of the dishes for me. And I thought the crepe with mushroom cream sauce was quite nice - stuffed with fresh mushrooms, broccoli and carrots. More like an omelette than a crepe. They also serve an ample bread basket with good pretzel bread included.

Dining around Maryland Live!

Grace Garden is a mere six minutes away by car. That's where I'd suggest going.

Going to be in Baltimore for two days.

My only quibble with Gastrobuck's excellent rundown is that Mekong Delta is not a 30 minute walk from the Inner Harbor. It's .7 mile from Harbor Place, and even though part of that is a slow incline, I'd say closer to 15 minutes.

Also, Peter's Inn is a local gem in Fells Point, with most of the menu changing weekly. No reservations, so get there and have drinks at the bar before dinner starts at 6:30 pm.

Meal at Fiola Mare

$120 for lunch for yourself and you couldn't detect any geoduck flavor in the app, or sea urchin flavor in the main?
And how many prawns? Looks like two in the photo. In retrospect, did you find the meal to be a good value?

Cafe Poupon - 225 N. Charles, Baltimore - Opens March 18, 2014

Several of us who stopped in were bemoaning how much extra workout time we'd have to put in to offset the goodies in the display cases.

Taste of Aloha In Arbutus

A dozen inveterate Baltimore chowhounds decided to get together and try out Taste of Aloha last night for a special "Welcome to Spring" dinner. We just about filled up the dining room. In fact, we did fill up the dining room, since we pushed all the tables together!

I've never been to Hawaii, so I came in with a completely open mind and empty tummy, and left with a great admiration for the food, and looking forward to returning soon!

HowChow's right that it's pretty bare bones for now. No liquor license yet (canned sodas and juices like POG are available - unknown if byob is ok), and the planned kitchen expansion is a few weeks away. But we had a really fun and tasty meal. Two kinds of poke' - spicy tuna and tofu, two kinds of wings - a spicy Hawaiian version, and a hoisin marinated version, both came out with crispy skin and were accompanied by an excellent blue cheese dip. There was flavorful and moist Kalua pork with sticky rice and house made kimchi vegetables, spam musubi, marinated grilled pork sliders (my favorite dish of the meal) beef sliders, an off-menu laulau banana leaf wrapped steamed fish served on a bed of seaweed and julienned vegetables, and for desserts a trio of excellent mini cupcakes and a platter coconut haupia.

Around the table, (including several who have been to or lived in Hawaii), we called our favorites and it seemed like every dish had at least one person who liked it best. Kudos to the chef and his staff for welcoming us so warmly and working so hard to cover our large group while still doing a brisk take-out business all evening.

And thank you to HowChow for alerting us to this suburban Baltimore gem of a spot. Now, if only we can get some Hawaiian weather going up in these parts...

food worth eating near U of M medical Center, baltimore md

The hospital's cafeteria has quite good food (really!). They seem to have taken the need for fresh nutritious food seriously there.

Trinacria on Paca is a fairly easy and safe walk up and back. Muffaletta is divine if you can take the calories.

In Lexington Market, head to Krause's - it is a stand that makes hot, fresh hand-carved turkey sandwiches. Turkeys are roasted fresh each morning, and you can tell them what kind of meat you want. I get it on rye, with tomato, lettuce, onion (or hots) and mayo with extra black pepper. Alternative: The Mt.Olympus stand for a souvlaki salad. You'll probably get recommendations to go to Faidley's for crab cakes, but I prefer their lake trout sandwiches.

Cafe Poupon - 225 N. Charles, Baltimore - Opens March 18, 2014

Peering in the large windows, the place looks really great - very French sidewalk cafe'. The menu is already chalked on the boards, lights are on. I can hardly wait to stop in for my morning coffee and croissant, or a lunch baguette sandwich or Salad Niçoise. From the owner of the Patisseries Poupon. It's in the old Tremont Grand Cafe space.

If only Trader Joes would take over the empty grocery store space across the street, oh how sweet that would be.

Not eating out or just not posting?

Don't fret. Once tourist season starts, the board will be flooded with out-of-town chowhounds wanting to know where to get the best local crabs or crabcakes in/near the Inner Harbor.

In other news: Yelp, EaterDC, and

Lexington Market redevelopment survey

Relocate it to Rash Field. They're proposing sinking $20-25 million taxpayer dollars (!) into fixing it up, but it's still going to be in the same dismal location.

Best Korean BBQ in MD or VA?

Jong Kak in Baltimore has grilling over red-hot charcoal fires, brought out in big metal buckets. Not many places do that any more.

Good eats - Annapolis

I thought I saw a big ad for Ken's Back Porch Cafe in the most recent What's Up Annapolis magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine is already in the recycling bin so I can't confirm.

DC vacation itinerary. Your Input is appreciated.

Bistro d"Oc for lunch - right across from Ford's Theater. or get a robust salad at Chop't at Pennsylvania and 9th St.

For dinner after walking around the Mall, I'd suggest Blue Duck Tavern or Ris, both close enough to your hotel that you can put your feet up and rest a bit before dinner.

DC vacation itinerary. Your Input is appreciated.

Cancel the reservation at Old Ebbitts (peek inside if yoiu must, but do not linger). A block north is Woodward Table. Other options besides Taberna, depending which direction yoiu are intending to wander, would be Oval Room, Central and Tosca. Or, if you're willing to go a bit further, head down to Barrack's Row and try for a table at Rose's Luxury. If that's a no-go, then go to Hank's on the Hill or Sonoma. In Chinatown, there's Daikaya reviews here:

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

Steve, I mentioned this dish in the very first post in the thread! We had it at our first meal at Grace Garden: "Cantonese braised chicken was small bone-in chunks of dark meat chicken, and loads of soft garlic cloves in a garlic and scallion oyster sauce."

Baltimore dinner recommendation

Foi - re: Woodberry Kitchen...the only chicken dish on the menu right now is the oven roasted chicken. I wonder what was disappointing. (I haven't tried it, and I gather you weren't with your husband when he went).

I've been to Oliver Speck's once, for lunch, and had a good pulled pork sandwich at the bar, I would recommend it for a casual lunch to anyone in the area. It probably wouldn't be my first choice for dinner, but only because of other options close by, including my favorite - Peter's Inn. I mean, when Peter's got lobster risotto with a sea urchin butter on their weekly menu, it's hard to resist.

Baltimore dinner recommendation

Foi, Can you describe what specifically disappointed you recently at Woodberry Kitchen, and why you would not recommend going there? Given the recent stellar critical reviews, and my own recent visit there, I would not hesitate to recommend it, save for the prices.

The new Oiver Speck's - on the southern edge of Little Italy is worth considering. (more beer than wine) as is Lebanese Taverna in Harbor East (more wine than beer) Both are less than 10 minutes away by car.

Was going to ship blue crab for Turkey day from

Crabbing season is over in the mid and upper Bay. Anyone who tells you their crab is coming fresh from the Maryland waters of the Bay should be suspect. Suggestion: since local oysters are in season, get them instead.

Eat the Rich

My advise would be to call and ask. They're likely to give you the most accurate information. 202-316-9396

Thousand Kabobs - new Pakistani kabobs and more at 218 N. Liberty in Baltimore

Closed. But a sign says that a Peruvian place will be coming in. The sign had images of ceviche, not chicken. I'm hopeful.

Report from Cantler's - August 2013

Maybe the rash was from the hush puppies :)

My IRA, or a loaf of great bread?

Was it worth it? How much is too much (per lb.) for a happy chicken?

My IRA, or a loaf of great bread?

I mean, at what price do you gaze upon that wonderfully crusty, fresh-baked artisinal, preservative-free, organic, whole-grain, locally-sourced boule at the farmers market/specialty bakery/organic grocery store, and gasp - or shrug and say to yourself: "Nope, not gonna pay that much"?

Having just shelled out $4.89 for a smallish rosemary olive loaf at Fresh & Green in Baltimore, I figure it's good for four or five breakfasts before it goes stale and/or moldy, and I do want something worthy of the summer fruit jams I've been cranking out. But still...