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Help me find the best bread bakeries in Manhattan

They don't call it corn bread, but have jewish rye with seeds or without. Technically the round rye is corn rye because of the corn on the bottom of the bread.

May 17, 2011
bakerygirl10 in Manhattan

Rye Bread

308 E. 78th street btw 2nd and 1st ave

Apr 12, 2010
bakerygirl10 in Manhattan


Orwasher's does have challah. we have pan loaf challah everyday, and on fridays we have braided. $5.25.

Apr 12, 2010
bakerygirl10 in Manhattan

Where does Orwasher's get their Rainbow Cookies?

we get our rainbow cookies from JMJ bakery in long island city, its a wholesale bakery

Mar 30, 2010
bakerygirl10 in Manhattan