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Lunch/Dinner Highland Park/Downtown Dallas

Hi All,

First time visit to Dallas this week. Going with my wife and sister-in-law and staying a couple days. Heard really good things about Smoke and saw the menu online and it looks delicious. Looking for dinner/lunch recs. My wife likes Mexican and Asian food. I like anything good with a cold beer. I was thinking tracking down a food truck like sshambbq for the kimchie fries and some koren tacos (or easy slider). Love Korean food. We're from Chicago so there's good Korean food here. We'll be in downtown on Friday so any recs for lunch (thinking Smoke) would be great. I like going to places that are not too touristy and somewhere the locals go. No BBQ since we'll be getting back/heading to Lockhart and no Vietnamese since we'll be eating that all day in Houston. Many thanks.

Places to Eat near WTC Mexico City?

Thanks for the recs! I think we'll go to Bellini for drinks since all I've read about the food is not good. Will try to hit the Barbacoa de Santiago joint for lunch/snack and Maximo for dinner. Japanese sounds good as well! LOL!

Apr 02, 2013
dustbrother109 in Mexico

Places to Eat near WTC Mexico City?

I would appreciate any recommendations for lunch/dinner near the World Trade Center Mexico City. I'm spending 10 days there starting Thursday and will mostly be spent with in-laws. The wife and I have one day to really spend on our own and want a good meal. Leaning toward Bistrot Maximo for dinner but am open to other suggestions. I'm staying at Hotel Novit close by too. Most of the places I've noticed nearby are overpriced tourist dredge. Any help would be well appreciated. Thanks!

Apr 01, 2013
dustbrother109 in Mexico