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That kind of sums up why I don't get the point of eating rabbit. I lived in The North End for years, and could see the little bunnies getting delivered from some guy's trunk to the meat market a ways down Stillman St. from my living room window. Unless you were raised eating rabbit and are trying to recreate some childhood memory, or maybe you killed the rabbit yourself (in self defense of course), just eat some chicken. Or maybe a frog or two. The value added from consuming a mammal that more or less tastes like chicken just isn't worth it in a gastro-tourist setting.


I'm a fiddler crab, why don't you shoot me?

Any place to get white cake North of Boston? Doesnt have to be fancy/gourmet...

Did you give Lyndell's a call? One of my standard orders from them is a coconut cake with white cake.

Debunking Boston restaurant myths

Forget about seafood, just post a pic of a decent pizza on your Facebook page, and watch your friends castaway to flyover country come circling evil dead style and intoning "pizza!". And if you can't trust the pizza, would you even think of trying the seafood?

Best NY Style Pizza

When was the last time you went to Stella's? I was there in July and it was horrendous. I'd only been once about a year before and it was decent but "word on the street" says they've changed.

Best NY Style Pizza

Stella's has slid WAY down hill. Pizza Roma on Waverley in Watertown is far better. I get an extra well done pie there every friday. When Roma as on vacation this summer I tried Stella's and it was horrible. Pale under-done (though I'd requested extra well done) and "crackery" crust, bland sauce. Armando's is the only thing close in the Cambridge / Belmont / Watertown / Arlington area. Keep meaning to see if there is anything decent in Waltham (no conveyor belt pizza please).

Local Heady Topper Source

I've gotten a couple of times from Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont. Haven't seen it lately. You pretty much have to be there when the van comes.

Best Fried Chicken

An ancient thread, but it planted the idea that maybe I should return to KFC after at least two decades. Finally gave in last weekend. It was as crispy and salty as I remembered, but was permeated by an off flavor I can only describe as "despair". It was 1 pm on a saturday at the Waltham location, and I'm not sure how long the chicken had been sitting. May have been a hit if it was 1 am and I was drunk. Sober and midday? Food of regret and self-loathing.


I did have a good cake donut at Linda's a few years ago, but tried again 6 mos. ago and, meh. It's strictly Ohlin's for us now. Really like the blueberry filled donuts at Ohlin's. I've never tried Lyndell's donuts, but we give them a lot of our cake business.

Pizza in Lexington/Belmont/Arlington?

I'd definitely give Capri in Arlington Heights a try. Nothing mind blowing, but solid old-school italian style pizza and close to east lex. Sabatinos can be good, but inconsistent. If you've never been to Armando's you should at least visit once. I really like Pizza Roma in Watertown, but I don't think that would work logistically as a regular spot.

Looking for Portuguese Bakery

I posted because it explains why they are hard to find and mentions looking for religious feasts where you can find them fresh (apparently the only way to eat them).

Looking for Portuguese Bakery

ISO good imported wine and liquor store in Boston area

It's been quite a while since I've been to Brookline Liquor Mart, but they still appear to have great selection:

Dinner needed tonight, Woburn

Well it won't fit the chowder bill, but Lanna Thai on 38 in Woburn is a great homestyle thai place in a vintage diner.

The Harvard Experience

Yes, yes I am.

The Harvard Experience

Otto is a west coast import. Pinocchio's is 100% homegrown.

Odd sausage question

Market Basket at least has Sweet with and without fennel, and is marked as such.

Sevan's Bakery on PBS Neighborhood Kitchens tomorrow 4PM

Oh well, I guess that's ruined now1 ;)

Ma France at Arlington/Lexington line

Sites a bit broken, but at least has address, hours, etc.

Looking for Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters

Giles Liquors in Medford (on 60, just over the bridge from Arlington) usually has a good selection of Fee Brothers stuff. You might want to give them a call.

Best Fried Chicken

Oohh! Can't wait to try it. And Dude, claw is not the preferred nomenclature, chicken feet, please.

Best Fried Chicken

Not "traditional" fried chicken, but the Korean style fried chicken at Bon Chon in Harvard Sq. is pretty damn tasty and addictive.

What's good in North Cambridge/ Mass Ave between Porter + Alewife Pkwy?

Had a bit of a mixed experience with Rod Dee. My Pad Kee Mao "for here" had a burnt acrid taste, and veg was carelessly prepped and uninteresting, with scorched snow peas and much larger than bite-size pieces of green bell pepper. Had better at Sugar & Spice across the street a week ago. OTH, dumplings I brought home for later, and fried up were great.

I'll try again.

Napoli Kitchen - Oh, please go visit Sabatinos 3 miles down the road

I've had a few pizzas from Capri that were decent, but not comparable to Sabatino's at their best. Nice people at Nicola, too bad their pizza is meh.

Golden Garden

Our first experience with Golden Garden tonight (take out). Ordered the H&S Wonton, pork shrimp leek dumplings, cumin lamb , cilantro beef & sautéed string beans (+ white rice). Wife and I both LOVED the soup! Dumplings yummy. Lamb was awesome, but had to keep an eye out for chilis (direct hits were a bit too hot). Cilantro beef, good but a bit on the salty side. String beans may have been having an off night (way overcooked for our taste). And lastly the rice was, well next time I think I'll make my own. Overall, very positive, with plenty of leftovers to reassess over the next couple of days. Except for that rice. Right in the bin.

Has anyone tried their Beef Tendon? Compared to Shangri-La?

They really should set someone up on the sidewalk, lemonade stand style with that soup.

Rave for Arlington Restaurants

It sounds like the store for you is Shaws at Mt. Auburn ( think there is a connection with their beer guy and Berman's.). Nobody to ask questions of usually, but they score well on variety and price.

Craft Beer Cellar is my main beer provider. It's a little slice of beer heaven.

Rave for Arlington Restaurants

Clown Shoes Brewery is owned by the son of Berman's owner. Or something like that. I like Berman's OK. They import a number of wines. But if you're buying beer, and want somebody who knows what they're talking about, why aren't you at Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont? I lived across the street from Menotomy for a year, and went there maybe a half-dozen times. My 4-point rating system is price, convenience, variety, shopping experience. Convenience was the only high score.

get that damn kale off my eggs bennie

I've actually had the same reaction to decorative kale (with orange twist), but not with kale that was prepared for human consumption.

get that damn kale off my eggs bennie

I find with both kale and collards, there is a seasonal variability to how much cooking they need. Spring greens, not so much, and winter greens more.

ISO red corned beef

Just over the border in Everett, apparently.