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Staying in Bodega Bay for two nights

Where must we eat? We will have a car and are willing to explore Sonoma County.

Dallas to Sugar Land

We hit Don Cafe on Bellaire. Excellent and very, very inexpensive. For dinner we ended up hitting a seafood dive on Murphy Road just south of 59 -- Pier 61. If you love fried seafood this place is wonderful and also very reasonably priced. Not much on the atmosphere but food was great.

Jul 28, 2011
Dosher70 in Houston

Dallas to Sugar Land

Heading from Dallas to Sugar Land tomorrow. We will be cutting over from 45 on Beltway 8. Will be hitting the beltway around lunchtime. Need recs for a place to stop for lunch on that route as well as dinner in/around Sugar Land. Doesn't need to be fancy - just non-chain, good, and uniquely Houston if possible.

Jul 26, 2011
Dosher70 in Houston

Best place to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving?


Nov 16, 2010
Dosher70 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Friday Drink and snack (maybe)?

We're open. We'll be dressed business casual but don't need uppity (although not opposed to uppity if it's a unique experience).

Nov 11, 2010
Dosher70 in New Orleans

Friday Drink and snack (maybe)?

I have 8 p reservations at Bayonna. Where would be the ideal place to have drinks and maybe a snack prior?

Nov 10, 2010
Dosher70 in New Orleans

Delivered Pizza in M-Streets Area

I have gone through Scalini's and Campania. Both make good pies (Campania can verge on excellent) but have experienced major fall-offs in delivery time/customer service for both. Any other suggestions for DELIVERY in this area?

Jul 13, 2010
Dosher70 in Dallas - Fort Worth


For those who haven't been yet, Ricardo Avila's Mextopia is open on Greenville. I ate there Friday night and it was so good we had to go back on Sunday!

May 11, 2010
Dosher70 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Santa Fe -- One Night, Two Days

Wife and I are going to have a well-deserved night away from the rug rats in May. Would like recommendations for two lunches and one memorable dinner.

Apr 20, 2010
Dosher70 in Southwest

Anything - Jacksonville/Orange Park

Staying with relatives in Orange Park. If I eat at another chain I might die. Looking for good recs -- not fine dining just good food at local establishment.

Mar 29, 2010
Dosher70 in Florida