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Do these places still exist in Albany?

Burgers?? I only remember hard boiled eggs. I must pre-date you.

Istanbul, what spices to bring

I am partial to Pul Biber - it's very useful when you want to cook with hot pepper flakes, but can only find crushed red pepper. Pul biber is like a hot paprika with no seeds. It has a lovely flavor.
You might also consider Kofta Bahar - the spice mixture used in making Turkish Kofta. When you return home, you can mix it with ground lamb or beef, wrap it around a skewer and grill it.

Mar 29, 2010
lmmillar in Europe

25th Wedding Anniverary in Paris

Any thoughts about Relais de Louis XIII? We went there on our honeymoon and were thinking about returning this April.

Any other "cannot miss" suggestions would be appreciated.


Mar 29, 2010
lmmillar in France