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Pre-minced garlic and ginger?

I bought (my friend actually threw it in the basket) a giant jar of minced garlic from Costco. I typically will use 5 or more cloves of garlic when I cook so i guess he thought this would save some time.
It's AWFUL. It's preserved with citric acid. I have tried rinsing it off. I was wondering if anyone else had a 'fix' for using jarred garlic. It doesn't cook right (the citric acid may have pickled the garlic? so it's rubbery and goes from fake-raw to browned but not the taste I'm looking for)
I'm about to return the whole thing to Costco and get my, um, $? back. Unless some brilliant food chemist out there can help with this

Mar 11, 2014
hieileen11 in General Topics

Zesty Romanesco Broccoli with Artichoke

I'm surprised there are not more recipes (yet?) for Romanesco. I fell in love with it- met at the farmers market. I like to roast it, tossed in garlic, olive oil, etc. It comes out nicer if you blanch it 1st, then roast. I put some plants into my fall garden (southern CA where you can grow year round)- just harvested a couple 4 pound heads. GIANT plants and really fun to grow. The ones at the farmers market are around 2-3 pounds maaaaaybe, and go for about $5 a head.

Jan 11, 2014
hieileen11 in Recipes

Help! Need place for my mom's birthday party in Rockville, MD

You're referring to Clydes? They won't let that many people have a party there... we're ok with grill-fare, seafood, chicken (tho I wish it were free-range/organic!!) I heard Timpanos was overpriced and crappy. What's Rock creek like?? and thanks!!!

Help! Need place for my mom's birthday party in Rockville, MD

For April 10th, 2010. There will be about 35 people. We WERE checking out Phillips but they charge $150 for their 'private dinning' room (we don't need private) PLUS their over-priced entrees don't include anything else.. We're a picky bunch- mom and I want healthy-fare- good seafood, skip the stupid white rolls and desserts (we'll have a cake). I checked PGA Tour Grill on the pike but it's closed- that would have been fine. We would go for Asian, Italian or fresh/updated American with seafood/vegetarian choices as well. If I see another potato skin on a menu..... or spinach artichoke dip or calamari... doesn't ANYONE have any imagination?? Thanks, I feel better now. BTW we already checked out Tony Lin- they are booked. Really hoping to find something close to 355/Montrose Rd as that's close to where we're staying...

Norfolk, VA area restaurants? (& VA beach?)

My son wants to vacation in Norfolk in August- I'm interested in GOOD quality, Not-from-China seafood, also Asian fusion, sushi, ethnic restaurants in that area as well as Virginia Beach. We don't go for steak-houses, etc- our family goes for good veggie, chicken and fish choices...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!