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Vi Vetha or Balsam in the Beach for a birthday dinner

ViVetha....consistantly great service and food. Try their Indian pasta dish...sorry, I forget the exact name on the menu.

Stay away from "The Buttery" ( Niagara on the Lake)

Never thought of that! I guess the Shaw Festival is winding down...

I forgot to mention that we ate on the patio, and good thing too...because the inside was dirty and smelled slightly of urine.

Stay away from "The Buttery" ( Niagara on the Lake)

Last Sunday we went for lunch at "The Buttery" in Niagara on the Lake. I should have known better than to pick a restaurant because it looked "cute" from the outside....

We were one of the first to arrive for lunch, and placed our order. We watched as people around us who had arrived way after us were getting served first. We felt obligated to stay, as we had already received our drinks. After about an hour, we approached our waiter and asked how much longer it would be until we were served, as we had noticed that patrons around as had already recieved their lunches. He was annoyed, and short with us, instead of apologetic.

When the food finally arrived it was cold and tasteless. I barely touched mine. When he returned to clear our plates, I told him that some of our dinners were cold. His response was "Oh, yeah?"

When he returned with the bill, he slapped it on our table saying nothing and walked away. We hope he enjoyed his one cent tip.

After the dinner, two of us had "gastro issues" from our lunch to top it all off.

Best Brunch -- Yonge & Eglinton Edition

Meggie's.....for sure! Garlic fries...yum!

allen's on the danforth

We've loved all of out trips to Allens! Great service, great food, great beer choices...My only complaint is that we usually drink too much and it ends up being quite pricey!

The Keg - I know, I know - not my fault:Gift Certificate & Kids

Try the Caramel Apple Martini at the Keg...delicious!

Anyone know how to make the Portuguese Rice from Costa Verde (Toronto)?

Is this the same Costa Verde as the one on Eglinton Ave W, near Caledonia?

Jan 09, 2007
starvin in Home Cooking

Seeking Best Cold Spring Rolls

Thai House Cuisine...Queen St. E in the Beach...

Great Cold Rolls and Amazing Spring Rolls!

Deep Fried Pickles!!! Where are they?

TJ Baxter's is actually where I used to eat them! Deep Fried Mars Bar?! Sounds delicious!

hot sauce in toronto supermarkets

Frank's is the ultimate hotsauce! I could put it on everything!

Deep Fried Pickles!!! Where are they?

The ones that I had were battered...alot like zuccini sticks...and they were whole pickles...

I'm really hoping for somewhere other than Hooters...but I guess it's not really a gourmet dish...

Deep Fried Pickles!!! Where are they?

I've recently been craving deep fried pickles from my university days...I have yet to find them in Toronto, or the GTA.

Can any of the "Chowhounds" help me out?

Best Delivery in Town ( aka Need Hangover cure...can't move...)

I enjoyed far too many cocktails last night, and need some good delivery because I'm too lazy to get out of my pajamas. I live in the Beaches area, so anything that delivers in my area would be great.

Thanks :)

What's the BEST restaurant of 2006?! Let's hear the nominees!

The Big Ragu...where is that?

What's the BEST restaurant of 2006?! Let's hear the nominees!

Being the end of 2006, I think it only fitting that the Chowhounds nominate their faves...

My vote goes to "POMEGRANATE" in the Beaches...Queen St. E and Beech Ave. It started out really slow, and I've been afriad that it would close...but I see that the word has gotten out! Their dinners are fabulous, and their brunch is the best in the city! I couldn't even eat there a few weeks ago because it was TOO busy and filled to capacity! It's great to see a new place do so well...

So, what do YOU think? Who gets your vote?

Weird... Great Milestone's Experience!

The drinks at Milestones are the best! I love collecting those little plastic animals from the Bellini's! ( That way the next morning you can count them to see how many drinks you REALLY had! )

I find the food to be pretty good as far as chains go, and have never had any problems with the service.

Dec 29, 2006
starvin in Chains

Best Indian Experience in Toronto???

I second "Chef of India!" I love that place!

Gift Certificates

We just got a gift certificate to any "Oliver Bonacini" restaurant...You can order their gift certificates from their website. I understand that some of his restaurants can be pricey, some are more reasonable...see the website for more info...

What to do with my OLIVER BONACINI gift certificate?!!!

My husband and I just received an "Oliver Bonacini" gift certificate for our wedding. I just looked at the website, and all those places look great! Where have you been and which one is the best?! I thought that "Jump" looked pretty cool...

St.Louis Bar & Grill?

I like the St. Louis location at Finch and Duffrin.( Oh, yeah, and they have a drive thru ) Their wings are tasty-not huge-but delicious. And they come with a great dill dipping sauce. Fries are frozen but very crispy-just the way I like them.

Once caution however, this is a WINGS and BEER joint-the other stuff on the menu is pretty average.


I have recently become OBSESSED with Mighty Leaf other tea compares!

I have found it at:

Ace Bakery - Hafis Road
Pippin's Tea Company - The Beaches ( Queen St. E )

Homemade pasta sauce in toronto...

Meat on the Beach ( Queen and Woodbine ) Their "Smoky Chipotle Pasta Sauce" and "Pesto with Artichoke" are awesome!

Meet the Chef

"Pomegranate" in the Beaches....Queen St.E near Lee Ave. The chef is the owner, and you can watch him cook your food. We've been there several times, and he has come out from behind his cooking counter everytime to talk to us. And the food is amazing as well!

FYI-Closed on Mondays
-Cash and Debit only

Restaurant Makeover-Thai Thai Cafe

Has anyone been to the "new" Thai Thai Cafe at 92 King St. East? I watched the Restaurant Makeover show on this place the other day and it looked interesting...

Whose got the best NEW YEAR"S EVE dinner?

Thanks for the suggestions...

I'm warming up to the idea of having a fabulous dinner at home, courtesy of the St. Lawrence Market...

I forgot about the scarce cabs, etc;

Whose got the best NEW YEAR"S EVE dinner?

I know it's only November, but I like to plan ahead...

We're looking for a great New Year's Eve dinner for four...any kind of food, anywhere in the downtown, central, or eastern part of the city. We're willing to spend about $200.00 per couple, with drinks-but, any price range will do, as long as the food and atmosphere are good.

Whose got the best New Years Eve dinner? Where have you been before?

Cora's for Brunch

I like Cora's but in my opinion, the best breakfast spot in T.O. is "Maggie's" on Eglinton Ave, west of Yonge St. Oh, those garlic fries....

Eggcetera on Yonge at the Eaton Centre

Ah, the tourist trap...why do we even bother?! It's safe to say that anything close to the Eaton Center is crap...

How's "The Aviatic Club?" in Quebec City?

I'm just going over some recommendations from our hotel, and this restaurant is one of them... However, I only trust fellow Chowhounds for the TRUTH!

What's the scoop?

Also, another place that has been recommended is "L'Echaude." How's that place?

We've Got 3 Days in Quebec City...What do YOU recommend?

Please help two honeymooning Chowhounds from Toronto who have no idea where to go in Quebec City!

We're staying on Rue Saint-Pierre, but we'll have our car and are willing to drive for good food!

We like all kinds of food, especially Indian and Asian. We're also on the look out for the best Coq Au Vin in the city! We'd love a great breakfast spot as well!

Merci Beaucoup!