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Urban Legends of Le Tub

At least the $2 represents the quality of the food and service you receive. Now I can see why the Blind Mind goes there so ofeten. Originally, it sounded like an owner or employee promoting the place.

Urban Legends of Le Tub

I'm always amazed at how some people accept complacency in a restaurant because someone said it was Alegend" or a place you have to go to. I have yet to find any of my "local" friends that go there due to the attitude of the servers who could care less that you are there.
Then after you wait your twenty minutes for a drink order, plan on anoither two hours before you might get your food. It's not that great. There are many other small local restaurants doing a much better job with better food and a much better price and certainly, better service. Here's one you may never have heard of, Crazy Cooks Cafe on Orange drive....a dive with all fresh cooked food and a nice attitude.

TOP SUBS in SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami, Ft Lauderdale)

Certainly everyone has there favorite places based on where you grew up and what you are conditioned to getting at home. I was born and grew up outside of Philly, so subs and cheese steaks are part of your normal diet. It's almost like it was inbred into your sysem. Anyway, La Spada is fine for Florida but the one time I went and ordered an Italian, I was asked if I wanted mayo or mustard. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. If you want a real Itailan, go to a little place on Orange Drive in Davie, called Crazy Cooks. Open for lunch only, run by a husband and wife from Atlantic City and there you can get a sub. The menu is very simple, mostly daily specials they prepare each day, but I just get the Italian. The best.

Best Pizza in South Florida

It's apparent everyone has their favorite places and normally it's one you might not expect. This happens to be one of those places. Daisy Dukes despite it's name has a really good pizza. They have a domed brick oven pizza from when it was originally a Carabas. Who would think that a country BBQ style restaurant would have a gem in hiding but I would reccomend you give it a try for a delightful surprise.

Daisy Dukes Saloon
10060 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024