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Downtown Calgary Business Supper for 15

I 2nd the suggestion for Teatro! Never Ever have had a bad meal there and the room and building are one if not the best in the city! They also have a pvt dining room called the Opera room which could offer you some extra privacy, and the room is mad cool, all red with a bit of a asian vibe. I have heard good things about Rush as well but have not been yet...

Teatro Restaurant
200 8th Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K7, CA

Sep 02, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

Any feedback on seafood tower at Blue Water Cafe?

DO NOT.. I repeat DO NOT pass on Guu! I would recomend the original Guu as opposed to Guu with Garlic.. Both Fantastic I just liked Guu a little better. Mind you it was later on a Sat night and we walked in to Wu Tang bumpin their speakers. First and only time I have heard the Wu in a resto.. Then had the best Japanses meal in my life! Needless to say an awesome dining experience!

Meatloaf-Free-Form Or Loaf Pan?

I use the Tyler Florence recipe for "ultimate meat loaf" and G*D Damn its good! Uses a panade and is bacon wrapped! I know, right! So I always do it free form.. I layer the bacon out on plastic wrap then put my loaf in the middle then wrap the bacon in one go. It also uses a 2/3 - 1/3 beef to pork ratio. Anyone I have ever served it to LOVED it and it has changed more than a few minds about meatloaf!

Aug 11, 2010
Iamclarkman in Home Cooking

Dining advice for Halifax

I was in Hali last year for the first time and LOVED it! Great food scene and amazing pub/nightlife scene. I came home and told my buddies it is like East Coast Canada Vegas! I second the recommendation for Gio! There were four of us for dinner and we were all very impressed. I had the lobster which came with a side of mussles and roasted tomato salad, amazing and a steal at $25. Would have paid at least $40 in Calgary! We also ate at Bish which is down by the water. Also very nice, great view of the boats, but I would not say it was as good of value as Gio. Still very good and still cheaper than you would see in Oil rich Calgary. Last but NOT least you HAVE to get a doniar from Pizza corner! I tried all three pizza places and the best IMO is the one on the SW corner (sorry don't remember the name.) Best doniar I have EVER had in my life! Had to run and get another before I boarded the plane. Its just that good, that I would risk flying home with a belly full of donair. Made it home without incident and wished I had brought another home across the country!

Jul 28, 2010
Iamclarkman in Atlantic Canada

Lord Sandwich (Calgary) [moved from Canada board]

Cgy mentioned the Loaf about 1/3 of the way up. IMHO the best sandy in the city!! Get the wild salmon salad will all the fixings, just amazing. I always get mine with honey mustard, I know sounds weird on salmon but in theory honey on salmon good, mustard on salmon good.. both.. good! Try it! But just once, the place is busy enough already;)

Jul 21, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

Diners,Drive-ins, and Dives Calgary.

John, While I agree some/a lot of the food on Triple D is high fat.. I wouldn't necessarily say its all "huge piles of fried things," and as I recall we have this little event each year in Calgary called the Stampede which features endless booths serving ONLY fried things.. by the pile, bag, even on a stick. If they did a show about the stampede people would think that all Calgarians are so large they need assistance bathing. That's not the case (for the most part.)

Now I agree that the average American could stand to eat a little better, and that they do have a HUGE (no pun intended) problem with obesity but I believe that has a lot more to do with KFC's, Wendy's, and McDicks dollar menu than the places featured on triple D. As Scary pointed out its (for the most part) fresh made on the premises by the chef/owner who is trying to live out their dreams opening a small eatery and catering to what people want to eat. If you ask me we need more places like this in Calgary and less places owned by Vickers and the like who think we all want to eat $55 steaks when we go out for a casual dinner.

It comes down to a food culture thing... They could never shoot a Triple D episode in Calgary because our restaurant culture is not Diners Drive-ins and Dives.. Its pompous, pricey and pretentious. Triple P.

The places Guy goes to are simple quite often southern homecookin style joints. That's classic American food. Smoked ribs, chicken, brisket, Mac and Cheese, burgers, fries, steaks, pasta.. That's what middle class Americans eat! That's what a lot of Canadians eat as well.. Ever been to the east coast provinces? Every place you go to has big plates of assorted fried sea food.. Is it because east coasters are fat bastards eating their way to an early grave? Or because they have an abundance of fresh sea food and its easiest to fry? What about Quebec and their love of poutine? Or even better their love of foie gras, I have never seen any foie on triple D but its fat content is higher than anything I have seen on the show. People will choose to eat unhealthy wherever they are.. Triple D is just showcasing they food culture in blue collar America, and I for one find it very interesting... I have seen some techniques used by chefs/cooks on that show that are very useful and inventive even though the chef is only preparing something simple like a burger. Its more than people getting stuffed-till-they-puke as you said.

I would love to see a show that is the opposite.. Triple P.. Where they would go the only the best places in the world to eat... El Buli, The Fat Duck, Daniel, Per Se, The French Laundry, WD 50, Le Bernadin, au pied de cochon, Nobu ect... But there is such a small number of viewers interested high end resto's and an even smaller amount that can afford to eat at one of these places let alone get a reservation at one. I also don't picture Ferran or Thomas opening up their kitchens to food network camera crews any time soon. If they do ever decide to shoot Triple P I know the perfect host.. Goes by the name Clarkman. ;)

I love Triple D, I think I have seen most of them, and no I don't have a man crush on weirdo Guy Fieri, I never like the looks of his cooking on his own show and I prefer my balls not to taste like wasabi (meat balls I mean.) I just think its interesting getting to see the inner workings of different kitchens. It also makes me more hungry than any other show in the food network (except for Giada who makes me hungry for something a little different.)

Stay tuned for Triple P!

p.s. I am definatly not talking smack about you Johnny Manzo just a difference of opinion.. I think your the best chow blogger we have in Calgary! Lets meet at the stampede and I'll buy you a pile of fried stuff, maybe even a beer;)

Jun 30, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

Anthony Bourdain

It was a funny survey, they wanted you to make your top three choices from a list of celebrity chefs... Pretty impresive list, and even more impresive if they could actually get some these people to come. The list included foodie GODS like; Jacques Pepin, Ferran Adria, and Thomas Keller. (none of whom I could see making a trip to Calgary for a lecture before hell freezes over) The list included Chefs I greatly admire and would love to see do a talk like; Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud, but then included hack chefs like Guy Fieri, Alton Brown, and Bobby Flay.. If I want to see any of the later I'll flip on the food network instead of dressing up to go out to the theater. Just my thoughts on the survey... My wifie and I had a great evening at Anthony Bourdain BTW.

Jun 23, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

CGY: Koryo potatoes?

LOL @ John... I'm pretty sure the 'garlic potatoes' contain garlic.. not to mention my wife call's me out anytime I eat them because my breath smells so bad... But maybe the combination of sugar and mayo with potatos does that? I think not. Thats the only downside to Koryo is that I'm tasting it the rest of the day. I think John's recipe looks pretty dead on.. I always thought there might me some corn starch just because of the color/texture before they toss the potatoes.

Jun 23, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

Cooked lobster- how to reheat or make a simple dish

I've spent some time in Nova Scotia where they locals will tell you they have the best lobster in the world.. Funny enough I have heard that from many a New Englander as well... The thing is they come from the SAME WATER.. Lobsters don't care about an invisible line called the "border." Just thought I would point that out... In any case in both Maine and Nova Scotia the traditional way of eating lobster is cold. With maybe some cold corn and a cold potato salad.. The only thing that should be warm is your drawn garlic butter. Lobster has a totally different flavor/texture profile at different temperatures. Cold really highlights the flavor of the sea. Just my 2 cents.

Jun 16, 2010
Iamclarkman in Home Cooking

Restaurant supply stores open to public? [Calgary]

Mr Scary.. If you like to have your knife "scary" sharp as I do I would highly recomend Knifewear in Inglewood... I have a couple high carbon steel japanese knives that I would never dream of getting sharpened anywhere else. They use a series of waterstones for sharpening and will sharpen to your specifics. ie straight razor sharp and the tip and a little less sharp and the heel is what I prefer. At $10 per knife I think it's a steal.. considering it will take them 15-20 mins per knife while showing you exactly what they are doing and why. Will restore your never used "old" knife to a precise slicing tool. A dull knife is way more of a danger than one razor sharp!

Jun 02, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

I'm Stuck - Dinner for 8 Girls

I have noticed that The Muse in Kensington does not get a ton of love on the chow boards, but I for one LOVE the food and atmosphere and have never had a bad experience there.. The resto is split between 3 or 4 dining areas all on different floors. On the 2nd level next to the open kitchen is a larger table designed for bigger groups (could probably hold 8-12) that I think would be ideal for what your looking for. Try the escargots, best I have had in the city and the Yukon potato lobster lasagna is as close to a perfect dish as I have ever experienced... Just fantastic!

Jun 02, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

Short ribs: trimming and cooking times.

Just for the record Thomas Keller calls for marinating short ribs overnight with the red wine and veggies in his French Laundry cookbook... Don't get me wrong Daniel Boulud is the man but if Thomas Keller says to do something I'm positive there is a good (tasty) reason behind it... Afterall its Thomas Keller dude!

Apr 30, 2010
Iamclarkman in Home Cooking

Truffles in Calgary?

Ya, I was surprised as well... I believe the ones I got were $40ish for 3 good sized truffles, they also had a smaller jar avaliable for $30ish that had one regular (golf ball) sized truffle and a smaller guy... I was expecting to pay more in all honesty.. But keep in mind they are "black summer truffles" -Tuber aestivum/unicinatum as oppesed to their more expencive relatives the white and black perigold's ( Tuber magnatum and Tuber melanosporum,) which can go for $1000-$2200 per pound... Still a GREAT treat for any truffle lover!! The only downside is once you open the jar of summer truffles you must use them in a weeks time (like that would be a problem for a true foodie!) Any leftovers are great grated with a microplaner then added to sea salt... Home made truffle salt, good on anything and everything! Lime jello, meh.. Lime jello with truffle salt... Sign me up!!

Apr 16, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces

Truffles in Calgary?

I got some a few months ago at cookbook co. There were black summer truffles in a jar with oilve oil. Great for any recipes calling for truffles, though I would avoid shaving them over the top of dishes like you would with fresh black/white truffle. Better cut into slices and mixed into dishes. They are in the freezer at cookbook co. I have also bought black truffles at Mercato but only in Oct-Nov as this is Italy's truffle season... Hope this helps.

Apr 16, 2010
Iamclarkman in Prairie Provinces