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Can a Fridge with French Door be installed next to wall?

As you can see that last "update" was 3 years ago. I did successfully install the refrigerator. I'm sorry you were given bad advice.

The only negatives I have about the Whirlpool is that the icemaker wouldn't crush ice after about 11 months of service. IMHO, it is due to a low grade of steel that will bend instead of crushing the ice. The second problem has just occurred recently. Somehow water is slowly pooling in the bottom of the freezer compartment forming a 1/2" layer of ice that eventually builds up and melts with water dripping on the floor. I haven't located the source of where the water is coming from.

Apr 01, 2013
risktaker99 in Cookware

Refrigerator Purchase Anyone have a Samsung, an LG, a Kenmore, or a Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator?

we bought the Whirlpool Gold FD. We use a lot of ice and really needed the icemaker and water on the door. In addition, we have a very tight space which includes a wall on the right side. The previous fridge was a SS that was 21 CF. The new one is 27 CF. Due to the wall we were limited to the Whirlpool since our first choice was the Electrolux FD which couldn't fit. Fortunately, we realized this just before it was delivered.

Having said that, the icemaker does jam from time to time since I like to keep it in the "crushed" mode. In order to unclug it, I simply change to "cube mode" and then back.

Having filtered water on the door is nice. However, you would think that the water would be cold.----It's not. I do like the lighting inside. It is very bright. The food stays fresh much longer than our previous SS.

The shelf design could have been better to accomodate items in the middle of the shelf. The bracket that supports the shelf above it limits what you can put in the center of the shelf below.

Would I buy it again? Yes, if I had the same space constraints.

Jul 23, 2010
risktaker99 in Cookware

Can a Fridge with French Door be installed next to wall?

The Electrolux FD needs at least an additional 1" to open the door that is flush with the right wall. Therefore, I couldn't buy it. I ended up ordering a Whirlpool #GI7FVCXWY that only required less than 1/4 " additional space. It's being delivered next Tuesday. The store forced me to sign a form stating I could not return the fridge without paying a restocking fee.

My research indicates that very few French Door refrigerators have doors with hinges that don't require additional space to open. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Mar 30, 2010
risktaker99 in Cookware

How do I get e-mail notification?

When will email notification be enabled!! It is archaic that this feature is not available.

Mar 30, 2010
risktaker99 in Site Talk

Can a Fridge with French Door be installed next to wall?

I am confused. I was going to buy an Electrolux FD model #EI28Bs561S. My S/S Maytag is on life support. I have exacltly 36 inches of width. However, I have a wall that extends 41" on the right side. My concern was whether I would be able to open the right door. The first store I went to said no problem. The second store I went to for a price comparison said it wouldn't work because the hinge was out to far. He recommended that I go with a Maytag MFT2771WEM that would not need the additional clearance.

When I got home I downloaded the installation manuals for both fridges. The Maytag manual says I need a minimum of 3 3/4" between the fridge and the wall "to allow the door to swing open"....and the Electrolux Data Specification sheet says "Absolute 4 1/2" minimum clearance will ONLY allow for 90 degree door swing which will provide drawer/crisper access with retricted removal".

Is this real or BS? I realize I would only be able to open the right door a max of 90 degrees. My questions is whether I would be able to open the right door AT ALL since it is flush against the right wall. FYI, I would like to buy the Electrolux since I feel the quality of the drawers, design, etc seems far superior than the Maytag.

Does anyone have this situation?

Mar 28, 2010
risktaker99 in Cookware