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What is good in El Paso?

You've found a great spot for food....

1. Trattoria Bella Serra on Montana -
Incredible Northern Italian food. The chef, Guiliana, is from Verona and makes some incredible food and portions are really generous. They also serve some of the best Italian wines.

2. Track One
1330 Robert E Lee Road
A cure for the greasy munchies. Some of the best wings in town! Try the double dip. They are connected to an old rail car, thus the name.

3. Toro Burger
Best burgers on the planet! The one on Montana has a bartender that makes the best Mojito's in town!!!!

4. Kee's Teriyaki House (Eastside and Northeast
This lady knows how to make some damn good sushi and teriyaki!

5. Villa del Mar
Everything on this menu is incredible. Great margaritas!

6. Casa Pizza
Some of the best pizza in town. If you like Greek Gyro's and Greek Salad... don't pass this place up!

Enjoy our Sun City... thanks for coming into town!!!

Mar 28, 2010
normal01 in Texas