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Rehearsal Cocktail evening in Manhattan Beach

Thanks for everyone's input (keep it coming, if you have more!). Yes, this is a bit of a scatter-shot approach I'm taking. I thought I'd start with as much as possible on the list, then narrow from there, figuring places get booked and not everything will be an option in the end.

The cocktail party will be on a Saturday evening. I'm open to all suggestions from a private or semi-private room to a bar large enough to accommodate. Salt Creek is very appealing -- I like the idea of the fire pit.

Jun 06, 2008
ElizabethMN in Los Angeles Area

Rehearsal Cocktail evening in Manhattan Beach

Good to me is money well spent -- I get what I pay for. I don't mind the price (within reason) as long as it's worth it. This will be after dinner -- mostly drinks with some food. I'm open to chains near there Marriott -- anyone got opinions on the local Houston's or McCormick and Shcmick's?

Jun 05, 2008
ElizabethMN in Los Angeles Area

Rehearsal Cocktail evening in Manhattan Beach

Midwest chowhound here. My sister is getting married in Manhattan Beach in October. I'm looking for a place to host a cocktail evening (after the family rehearsal dinner) and I would love recommendations from some LA chowhounds. Can be casual (just not divey) or upscale -- my first priority is *good*. Most people are staying at the Shade or Marriott, so close to that would also be nice. We'll have about 30-50 people attending. On my list so far (though I haven't checked with anyone directly yet):

- Manhattan Beach Brewing Company
- Hennesey's Tavern
- Towne
- Mangiamo

Alternately, do people ever have events on the beach?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jun 05, 2008
ElizabethMN in Los Angeles Area

Catering in Manhattan Beach

I see you didn't get any replies -- but did you find a caterer you liked? I'm looking for one for a November event in Manhattan Beach.

Jun 05, 2008
ElizabethMN in Los Angeles Area

Anyone been to Be'Wiched Mpls Yet?

We were in the neighborhood and grabbed some sandwiches on the way home this past Friday night. It was fun to visit and try their food, but Be'wiched is probably not some place I'll make a special trip for in the future. We got:

- Pastrami, New York Style -- Flavor of was good, very lean. But overpriced -- if I can get my mouth around the sandwich, should it be called "New York Style"?
- Poached Chicken -- We did not get the warning that it was chicken salad. Served on a baguette about 5"-6" long, there was a "tube" of salad down the middle and plenty of cheese. Flavor was ok, but over oiled, given "dijon" is the ingredient listed on the menu board. $9.50 for a chicken salad sandwich, of that size, was too much (imo).
- Tuna Confit -- We liked this sandwich. Good balance of ingredients and closest to my expectation, based on the menu board and descriptions from the person taking our order.
- Pasta -- The oricchiette was undercooked and chewy (my Italian spouse agreed -- no where near 'al dente') and the salad overall was dry. The tuna though, same as in the sandwich, was very tasty. We didn't get any of the menu-mentioned dried tomatoes in our pint serving.

While I realize they are positioning themselves a bit "niche", the overall quality doesn't support the prices. And despite their title, they're not a deli in any sense of the word -- they have a set and specific (relatively short) menu. [Example: Does anyone remember the old Chicago Deli? That was a true deli.] Overall, what we found wasn't in line with expectations; the sandwiches were unique, but not worth a special trip back for us.

[MSP] Best Minneapolis Skyway Chow

I've searched the boards and have found postings related to this topic, but no thread specific to it. I'm new to the downtown area and am enjoying wandering the skyways at lunch. I've tried a few recommendations (and am a new fan of Zen Box) but want to make sure I don't miss anything. So, what are you favorites in the skyway? [Street-level is ok too, but don't make me walk outside when winter is here!] Thanks for your input!