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Encinitas area, big anniversary, Monday

I want to 2nd Veladora at Rancho Valencia Resort, I HIGHLY recommend it as I too had my Anniversary dinner there in May and made all the more special because that is were my husband and I met some 20 years ago (as employees, we are not high rollers!). I would suggest starting off at the Pony Room for pre-dinner cocktails and some nice complimentary spiced warm mixed nuts and cheese crackers and be sure to get there prior to sunset so you can take in the lush scenery and maybe even get lucky and catch a hot air balloon drifting up through the valley. Also be sure to inform them it's your Anniversary as it may get you a comp glass of schamps. Amazing food and impeccable service. Now, with all that being said I realized as I looked at your request/entry again, you may want to check on this restaurant and all the restaurants mentioned that they are open on Mondays as a lot of upscale restaurants are not. If Veladora is one of those I'd encourage a pre-celebratory dinner on Sunday or a post one on Tuesday...the place is worth it.

Oct 11, 2013
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Whole Pollo Asado, or Grilled chicken in Encinitas?

It doesn't advertise itself as a "Mexican" style place (though they do have "Spanish" rice and beans along with steamed veggies and corn on the cob) but for convenience in terms of location (Encinitas), there is Chick's Natural
However, I 2nd Panca Peruvian and think it's the best (even better than my rec) it's just that it is in Oceanside and might not travel well.

Aug 08, 2013
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Good lobster dinner (not Mex style), any recommendations?

How was the noise level?....also have my 85yr old (not so great hearing) Grandma that will be participating.
Ate at Flemings earlier this month and the noise was deafening (Grandma didn't have too good of a time :o(

Thanks for the feedback, all!

Mar 30, 2011
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Good lobster dinner (not Mex style), any recommendations?

Dad's birthday is coming up and he wants lobster. Any suggestions? He mentioned Truluck's and The Palm but don't want to go any further than La Jolla.

Mar 30, 2011
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Best potstickers in San Diego (prefer North County area, but whatever)?

I third Dumpling Inn, however, since you requested No. Co., I would recommend Panda Garden in San Marcos. It's at the corner of San Marcos Blvd. & Rancho Santa Fe Rd. (next to CVS). Not much to the small strip mall and the front of the restraunt looks a little "shady" but once you open the front door, it is small but quaint and well lit. The potstickers take a little time which to me was a good sign that they were going to be good...and they were very good. Sorry they don't have a website...but check out Yelp for pictures partons took of the menu...fairly standard on the other food.

Dumpling Inn
4619 Convoy St Ste F, San Diego, CA 92111

Panda Garden
748 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078

Jan 04, 2011
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Cohn restaurants- if you had to choose one (SD)

Didn't they also own the T-Bird Diner in Escondido eons ago? I was really into all the 50's nostalgia back in my own high school days and I loved going to Corvette Diner (Grease is and will always be one of my favorite all time movies) but as I got older I just didn't need the noise and chaos while I was trying to eat my Rory Burger (Bacon & Peanut Butter...mmmboy!).

Jul 09, 2010
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Food trucks in SD...where are they?

Has anyone heard of or tried "Dave de Jour Street Food"?
He seems to have a rather "interesting" background. Looking at his twitter site he moves his truck around San Diego but does spend a significant amount of time in North Co. Coastal areas.

Apr 22, 2010
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Food trends in SD that you are so over with..

Crab Cakes, Seared Ahi/Ahi Tartar Stack, Fried Calamari, Bruschetta, Beef or Chicken Satay, Quesadillas, Carpaccio, The Wedge, Mac-n-Cheese, Empanadas, Risotto, Lava Cake/Flourless Cake (I prefer real souffl├ęs....and not too many places do them....Thee Bungalow is about the only place that has them on their menu all the time).
It's not that I don't like these dishes it's just that they appear on ALL menus in ALL restaurants and to make it worse the restaurant likes to put their take on these items and they let you know that when there are "quotes " put around them like The "Wedge" (which means you are not going to get a traditional Wedge salad but there concept on it) or putting duck in a quesadilla or duck in spring rolls. Restaurants that are listed as wine bar/lounge/bistro (they don't define themselves as American/French/Italian etc.) and then have on their menu what I consider specialties like Risotto, Schnitzel and Saltimbocca all on the same menu and the expectation of what these dishes should taste like are rarely I being too picky?
Oh and another trend (that seems more like an experience/event) is Molecular Gastronomy....may it go way of 1980's nouvelle cuisine.

Apr 13, 2010
Coffeehead2 in San Diego

Who delivers Easter Baskets (Besides the Easter Bunny, of course)

Queen Eileen's in Encinitas.....She has a cute store on Hwy 101. You can bring in your own items for her team to wrap/basket for you or she has fun and Easter-ie items you can choose from....just be sure to make a trip to her shop!
(from a customer who knew Eileen when she was just Balloom-a-Gram)

Mar 27, 2010
Coffeehead2 in San Diego