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Weddings with great food

Lescale is beginning price of $150 per person. Very expensive. The Waveny house can be rented for $1000 by a New Canaan resident.

Coveleigh Club in Rye, NY -- anybody had event there?

Can non-members have events at the Coveleigh Club? I came across it looking for a wedding venue.

Weddings with great food

Is the Coveleigh Club for members only or can non-members have a wedding there too?

New York Country Club- Spring Valley

Hi- I am looking for a location for my wedding ceremony/reception on a Saturday evening in either July or August of 2011. There will be about 150 guests. I came across the New York Country Club in Spring Valley, NY. I was wondering if anyone had ever had or attended an event there and could give me a review. They sent me the menu and seem like they have a ton of food choices but I wanted to make sure that the food was good before I did anything else. Thanks!