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Time Life The Good Cook Series

While this is thread is old, I wanted to point out that there are two editions of the original set. One is US American and the other European. When I moved to London I had an almost complete set of the US editions and I adored them. A friend gave me bunch that he found on ebay, but they were all European: some had different titles. You can tell the difference on the title page, where the European version is published in Amsterdam as opposed to Alexandria, VA for the US version. Also, the European version has "UK Consultants" listed on the copyright page whereas the US version has "international consultants". And of course the European recipies use the metric system (grams and kilograms) instead of the English system (cup and ounces).

I compared quite a few of these side-by-side. For instance, the European 'Eggs and Cheese' volume has a greater examplage of cheese than the US version and basically condemns battery eggs in the introduction. It also included a Mac and Cheese recipe in the illustrated front section that is not even in the US version.

The European edition titles differ from the above complete list of US titles as follows: Beef & Veal, Breads, Beverages, Cakes and Pastries, Confectionery, Desserts, Eggs & Cheese, Fish and Shellfish, Fruits, Game, Grains Pasta and Pulses, Hot Hors d'Oeuvres, Lamb, Offal, Outdoor Cooking, Patisserie, Pork, Poultry, Preserving, Salads and Cold Hors d'Oeuvres, Sauces, Snacks & Canapes, Soup, Terrines Pates and Galtines, Vegetables, and Wine.

Dec 06, 2012
Ismelstar in Food Media & News

[London] Where to buy frozen salmon burgers?

Thanks, Nancilee5 and Nanette. Have checked Waitrose but Whole Foods is a brilliant idea. Nanette, do you know if I need a business license to shop at Costco in the UK? If I can buy a regular card here, I will check them out this weekend. Any chance you remember what brand they stocked? Thanks, again.

Mar 28, 2010
Ismelstar in U.K./Ireland

[London] Where to buy frozen salmon burgers?

The shops that cater to the American expat community (like Panzer's and Rosslyn) trade in cereals, sweets and mixes that can be shipped out from the US. I don't think the US has cornered the market on salmon patties. It's just fish. Has anyone spotted something in their grocer or maybe a health food shop?

Mar 27, 2010
Ismelstar in U.K./Ireland

[London] Where to buy frozen salmon burgers?

We're not talking fishcakes here. Preferably unadulterated wild salmon meat chopped and made into a patty like the beef variety would be. They are very popular in the States (good fats and good protein) and I am really missing them from my freezer. Yes, I can make my own and I do, but I'm rather be lazy and would like to have emergency patties in the deep freeze.

Mar 26, 2010
Ismelstar in U.K./Ireland