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Best Chinese Restaurants in DC? Any Serve Good Dim Sum?

Cantonese: no. There is, however, delicious Szechuan at Sichuan Pavilion on K st. if spicy is ok. Stick to the authentic entrees and take their recommendations. Definitely don't miss the chicken with hot dry peppers. Service is.. brusque, but you're not there for the chit chat!

Local 16?

Nobody? I was there for the Grey Market ( a week or two ago and the brunch food looked pretty damn good... Maybe I'll have to try it out myself (the horror!)

How is Kushi these days?

I was one of the enamored originally but, like others have said, the infatuation is over. The last couple visits the food was underwhelming and I received downright awful service at the bar. I mean, the point of eating at the bar is that the bartender/server is *right* there, but we had to stand up and wave at him to get any attention at all. With those prices, I'll just go elsewhere.

Local 16?

I had never even considered this place as a food destination until something popped on my radar about their sommelier. They even have a sommelier? Have people eaten here? It's really close to home and on my commute so it'd be great if it was even tolerable...


Local 16
1602 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009

Where to find the best butter?

I believe Cork Market on 14th st sells specialty butter. I haven't tried it specifically, but it's hard to imagine going wrong in there....

Dim Sum in Washington?

A sure sign of good dim sum!

I kid, but this has actually been my experience. The best dim sum in Boston and Sacramento both involved putting up with some less-than-lovely service, especially for non-Chinese folks.


That's what I would have expected.. I was very surprised. Good to hear it's not always the case! I'm sure they were very nice elderly ladies, just seemed incongruous.


I too have had service issues (in the bar area), but the food was pretty good. I will say, the average age in the dining area at 6:30pm on a Friday was close to 65 or 70. It was rather bizarre given the club atmosphere. Literally, several wandering old ladies. Odd.

SEI vs. Zengo?

I haven't been to Zengo, but can offer my thoughts on SEI. My date ordered a sort of prix fixe option with the wasabi guacamole, sushi and a dessert wine, and I just got a collection of simpler sushi. The guacamole was quite good, but nothing revolutionary. I love both wasabi and guacamole, I'm not 100% sure i love them together. A lot of their sushi is not to my taste. I'm not big on putting non-traditional things in sushi (e.g. wasabi peas or "fish and chips"), but that's my own hang up. The sushi I ordered was good, fresh etc. I didn't try it, but my date was very unimpressed with the dessert wine (may or may not be a valuable data point...)

All in all, I thought it was on the expensive side but not bad. The cocktails were hit or miss (cucumber something which I usually love was not very good, wasabi something was quite good). Oh, but the fire alarm went off while we were there (not the siren but the obnoxious flashing light) and they weren't terribly apologetic. It was flashing for a long while and it was pretty annoying.

SEI restaurant & lounge
444 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004

Dupont Circle Burger Wars

They have an application for liquor license in the window now!