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Top ten over-rated restaurants in Baltimore

Demographics plays a huge part in any city's food scene, be it actual population or metro-area. DC is a draw for the educated and international elite, while Baltimore, beyond JHU Medical isn't really pulling in the big fish and has one the highest high-school drop out rates in the country. The sophistication and willingness of the population to spend time and money exploring new restaurants is a huge factor. D.C. probably does have more space dedicated to restaurants, but how much of that space is devoted to Lake Trout?

Knife sharpening in Baltimore

Just buy a chef's choice 120 for @ $140 (they have cheaper models too). If you cook a lot, it will pay for itself in 6 months

Quail eggs in Baltimore?

The Hmart in Catonsville at Rt. 40 and Rolling Road has them

Juniper Berries - Where to buy around Baltimore?

A ton of smoking recipes call for Juniper Berries. I have found them online, but paying $10 shipping for $3 worth of berries is a little crazy.

Does anyone know if they can be found locally?


Black and white pudding

All black puddings/blood sausages are not the same. Consistency and texture very greatly

If you are looking for the sliced that is served with a traditional irish breakfast, order it from Tommy Moloney's